We all know we live amidst the clouds and fumes of dust, allergens and pollutants all around. Our house is the only safe haven but we cannot make them airtight to seal away the pollution from outside. So, what do we do when we have dirty toxin and pollution from outside as well as well as internal pollutants like smoke from our fireplace, cigarettes, kitchen smoke etc? We place special breed of indoor plants which refreshes the air inside our houses and cleans the air as well as absorbs all the toxins.


plants to purify your home

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Among purifying plants, this is most effective cleanser of a toxin called formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene found in range of daily house hold stuff from furniture paints to synthetic fibres. Also, this plant gives a burst of colour to your house with its red, yellow, orange or pink blooms inside your home. Just place the plant in well lighted area of the house or room and keep the soil moist but well drained.


plants to purify your home

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This is a very easy growing perennial ivy and good indoor plants to purify your home which is strong adversary to airborne faecal particles which makes it perfect for your bathroom or washrooms. Studies have also shown that English ivy can counter the growth of moulds. All it needs is generous watering and at least 4 hours of sunlight a day and it will give you back much more in return.


plants to purify your home

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This plant is meant for bedrooms as it creates perfect ambience and atmosphere for great sleep. The yellow tipped leaves release oxygen at night helping you to breathe better while sleeping. Also, it filters out formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene and trichloroethylene. Just never overwater this plant as the roots easily rot in moist soil.


plants to purify your home

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These pants are tailor made for your kitchen and living room. Don’t be fooled by the pretty blooms as they are indomitable fighters against hosts of toxins such as ammonia, benzene which is often found in plastics, detergents and glues. This plant needs a lot of sun so place it near kitchen window or living room window with maximum access to sun.


plants to purify your home

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Among indoor plants to purify your home, spider plant is the best choice. This pant is resilient and sturdy and fights off toxins like carbon monoxide and xylene, in fact it’s one of those plants which are non-toxic to your pets as well so you can place it any room without fear. These plants need very little care at home.


plants to purify your home

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The healing properties of aloe Vera plant are widely known and it will be a pretty addition to your kitchen window as well. It will be close to hand as soon as you have any burn or cut or gash to sooth, plus the plant will purify the air from formaldehyde and benzene which is common in floor varnishes, detergents etc. Just do not move it from the kitchen sill so that it gets its dose of sunshine.


plants to purify your home

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As one of the best purifying plants, this one can effectively reduce the level of ammonia in your house which is usually found in all the cleaning agents and products. Since they are expensive to buy full grown try to hunt for seedlings or smaller ones. Since this plant loves humid conditions place it in your bathroom.


plants to purify your home

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His spiky slow growing plant is an effective combatant against trichloroethylene and xylene. The leaves have interesting bright red trims which make this plant look exotically beautiful. The plant has the potential to grow to almost 8 feet! So, keep it in the room with high ceilings and abundant sunshine.


plants to purify your home

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This indoor plant has been popular since Victorian times and fights effectively against formaldehydes, xylene and toluene. These are a fussy plants so do not change their position often, keep them in indirect sunlight away from cold draughts and it will be a trusty purifier for years to come.


plants to purify your home

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Among tropical exotic purifying plants this is an effective filter from formaldehydes and benzene which is so commonly found in detergents and cleaning products and even our cosmetics! These plant like low lit and humid conditions so they will naturally fit the best in your bathroom. Or if you choose to keep it somewhere else just keep misting the leaves and the roots regularly to prevent it from browning.