Celebrities with changed looks are quite interesting to watch especially when we have lays seen them looking a particular style. They change their look to take part in a new role or to reinvent themselves. Here are 10 celebrities who changed their looks in recent times.

1 Madonna


Madonna is forever reinventing herself and was a brunette in the start of her career. She changed several times since then and has now shocked fans with some new pictures in her Instagram take a look.

2 Megan Fox


Megan Fox has bid goodbye to her sexy look and dark hair for her new role in Jangsa-ri-9.15 where she plays the reporter Marguerite Higgins the first female reporter who won a Pulitzer for foreign correspondence.

3 Gigi Hadid


It is hard to recognize Gigi Hadid the way she looks now for Prada’s new advertising campaign. She has short hair and invisible eyebrows that make her look pretty and elegant. A far change from her younger days when she also modeled for Tommy Hilfiger.

4 Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell sported a new look for Paris Fashion Week 2019 and has bid goodbye to the long hair. Well, she does look younger in her new hairstyle even though she is 48. She has always been known for her long hair but it’s a welcome change.

5 John Travolta


He is 64 and has now decided to shave his hair bald for the New Year. It seems his fans like his new style because thousands of them have said he looked great and the comments prove it.

6 Matthew McConaughey


Among celebrities who changed, no one recognizes Matthew McConaughey now in his new look that he is sporting for his role in the Beach Bum. He has grown his hair long like a real seventies hippy.

7 Kit Harington


Many of his fans liked him as Jon Snow and he is associated mostly with the character but Kit Harrington has now shaved off his beard and has shorter hair which makes him look completely different maybe he is trying to get out of character.

8 Kylie Jenner


We have always been used to Kylie Jenner’s platinum blonde hair bit now she has sported a new hair color and this has been the second time she has done so in 2019. She has had blue.

9 Zac Efron


Efron appeared at the Sundance Film Festival with a blonde look and his new hairdo has made him look even more attractive according to his fans on Instagram.

10 Sophie Turner


Among celebrities with changed looks, she is definitely the prettiest of the lot and looked beautiful as Sansa Stark but now Sophie Turner looks completely different. She has even changed her flaming red color as you can see and is a far change from her look as Sansa in Game of Thrones.