In a job interview, the main concern is on how the recruiter represents himself in a interview. Recruiters not only take your take your professionalism into account, they even notice the confidence levels, the manner in which you are speaking, etc. There are some tricks which can help you ace your interviews apart from having skills and certificates. This article is based on recent studies and has found tricks for job interviewers for you which can help you a lot.

1. Don’t make appointments for Mondays or Fridays


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Experienced recruiters and psychologists have discovered the perfect time for giving job interviews. On Tuesday from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. can be the perfect day for giving your employer or recruiters an extremely good impression. The reason is because Monday is one of the hardest days to go to work even for HR’s. Friday’s are the days where everyone plans out their weekend. The middle of the week is the time when the success rate for cracking interviews is high and avoids extremely early morning interviews.

2. Open legs can ruin a first impression


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Among tricks for job interviews, the color combination of your attire plays a big role in your interview. Wearing a brown or blue shirt can indicate that you’re a serious person. Orange is such a color which can repel recruiters from picking you. Color is one thing you should keep in mind.

Wearing matching tights is also essential. According to surveys, this small detail is not looked over at all. If a woman goes for a job interview with open legs, the recruiter would conceive her to be frivolous.

3. A clothing trick that will instantly make anyone like you.


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Positive reinforcement is a psychology term which defines the result of person’s will to do something. This effect can be used in your favour.

Reinforcement can mean many things but when it comes to interviews, similarity is what attracts people. The strictest recruiter can even hire you if both of you have things common like music, books, hobbies, etc.

4. There are words you should never say


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As one of the tricks for job interview, there are some words which can be red signal while employing. A special study was conducted by psychologists which discovered that the chances of finding jobs reduce when you use words such as “like” and even hesitation. This condition works with older recruiters in their 30’s -40’s.

5. A smile can ruin an impression, even if you’re a professional

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People with big smiles are not always liked by recruiters. This is completely based on their psychology and doesn’t mean that they are in a bad mood. People who smile a lot tend to not being too serious in work.

A smile can be an advantage if you have to work with people either selling stuff or in service work. Recruiters usually look for people who have a serious face in other jobs.

6. A smart trick when answering questions from the CV


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Recruiters in big companies conduct many job interviews and they all are similar in someway. Employees who are fresh may already know the questions that are gonna be asked in the interview so that it can go perfect and smooth. But here’s one trick given below.

You can break the natural cycle of questions in an interview by saying, “here’s something which is not on my CV”. This can be a surprise the recruiter and in that moment you maybe in his spotlight.

7. A special talking technique will earn you some privileges


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Among tricks for job interviews, people like to talk when a person has someone paying attention to what they’re saying. So if your recruiter gives you details about the job, you should repeat it to them so that they will know that you have understood and have accepted this job seat and it will give them an impression that you are attentive to what they are saying. This can help you become a master in negotiating.

8. The photo on the CV has to be a little provocative


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Women have 19 times more chances of getting a job if they show some cleavage in their CV photo. Don’t get too excited, if an employer has to make a choice between women having a buttoned up shirt or with cleavage, the latter is the most preferred option.

9. There’s an area on the face that attracts attention


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A person should be perfect in every way. In conversations, our mind subconsciously focus on the triangle of nose, eyes and lips when the other person is talking. This attention cannot be stolen by having a relaxed face or even having a bit of make-up but if you frown or have too much make-up, the recruiter can surely miss out important details about you.

10. What you’re doing while waiting for the job interview also influences the result


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Here is one of the best tricks for job interviews. In a job interview, every little thing is important even when you’re waiting for your interview, you are being watched. Drinking coffee or talking on the phone are things you should avoid doing according to recruiters. You should always keep your right hand free so as to get a good handshake. When you’re waiting, you can read a magazine or have a chat with the secretary.