Every time you get awed by the beauty of landscapes in movies like the ruins in Indiana Jones, the barren planet of Tatooine and even the most surreal landscape in Lord of the Rings, have you ever thought that you could recognize any of these places? Many movie locations are actual places on Earth and they look just as beautiful as they are shown in movies. Here is a list of ten world famous movie locations which Hollywood uses in their sets.

10 Skellig Island

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Among movie locations, this Island is an actual location and the climax of “Star Wars, the Force awakens” the latest Movie of the franchise was shot on this Island and not in some galaxy. This remote Irish island is a craggy island in the Atlantic known as Skellig Island. This island is considered to be a UNESCO heritage site because it has ancient monastic cells which look like beehives made of stone.

9 Prague, Czech Republic

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The Dramatic movie ‘Amadeus’ was based on the life of music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The scenes have been shot with Gothic and baroque styled alleys and buildings in Prague which was the actual substitute for Vienna. In Les Miserables this place was shot as Paris, in “Casino Royale” as London, “Shanghai knights” as Buckingham Palace.

8 Huangshan, China

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The mythical and magical Scenery of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was not a set but the actual landscape of Huangshan. Some scenes of this movie was shot in the Yellow Mountain. Its beauty composed of mist, pine trees and uncommon formations of rocks which gave an awesome backdrop in this martial arts movie. The location where the flying fight scenes were shot at was in Hongcun village which was surrounded by Bamboo groves. The beautiful landscape of Huangshan was known as planet Pandora in the movie “Avatar”, another Hollywood blockbuster.

7 Monument Valley, US

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Among famous movie locations, Most of the older generation people would remember famous western’s like Once upon a time in the west (1968), The magnificent seven(1960). This location has been the background for various movies like Forrest Gump and Thelma & Louise. This classical landscape was even used in the movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

6 Alberta, Canada

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The “Revenant” of Leonardo De Caprio’s was actually shot in Alberta instead of South Dakota which was depicted in the movie. The Rocky Mountains of Alberta have been a spectacular location for shooting movies such as Interstellar, Unforgiven, Brokeback Mountain, etc.

5 Silverton, Australia

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The Landscape for the Mad Max: Fury road was Namibia and the surrounding landscape of Silverton in New South Wales was displayed in Mad Max 2. There is even a museum built which is filled with cars from Mad Max and a pub which were built in memory of Mad Max.

4 Grindelwald and Interlaken, Switzerland

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As one of the best famous movie locations, The Alps, is one of the most famous location for Hollywood producers. Decades ago, when the Von trap family crossed the Alps in the “Sound of Music” movie, people would applaud. The mountains of Grindelwald look somewhat like the planet Alderaan Landscape in Star Wars III: Revenge of the sith but except they were more digitally enhanced. In the James Bond movies On her Majesty’s secret service, the landscape of the Jungfrau region was featured.

3 Salzburg, Austria

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One of the biggest blockbuster and most loved movies of all time was the Sound of Music which was shot in Salzburg in 1965. The Magical Mirabell gardens where Maria hummed do re mi hasn’t changed much. The Schloss leopoldskron and Felsenreitschule theatre were exterior gardens of the Von Trapp residence which were present on the lake.

2 Petra, Jordan

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One of the biggest franchises of Hollywood Indiana Jones, had shot the last installment “Indiana Jones: The last crusade” in the ruins of Petra. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” was also shot in this beautiful landscape and scenes from “The Mummy” too.

1 The landscapes of Shire and Middle Earth in “Lord of the Rings” movie have been shot in New Zealand.

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Among famous movie locations, The LOTR trilogy has been shot in various locations of New Zealand like the Hobbit villages was Matamata, Harcourt park in Wellington was the set for Rivendell, Canterbury was the set for Edoras. This amazing country has a beautiful plain and mountainous landscape which was depicted in the terrains of LOTR.