The lifestyle and diet that we observe today isn’t always an ideal one. Fast food diets, frozen dinners, processed food and sugar contribute much to the toxins present in our body. While those observing some health regime or the other help the body to eliminate such toxins, others who do not do so and live sedentary lives aren’t so fortunate. But what if you were in between and need to know if your body does harbor toxins, then here are the signs your body could be full of them.

1You could be suffering from constipation.

10 Sure Shot Signs That Your Body Is Full of Toxins

Chemicals like preservatives, artificial flavors and colorants present in certain foods do much to induce toxins in our bodies. One of the first signs is constipation because of the load on the intestines to digest the toxins that build up and lead to digestion problems including constipation. The best solution is organic or healthier food choices, plenty of water and avoids alcohol and smoking.

2You have brain fog.

You have brain fog

Brain fog such as in being dizzy or confused is one of the common signs that your body is full of toxins. Your brain is foggy even after a good night’s sleep and this is because toxins mess up your body by drying up the vitamins and minerals present in it for good function.

3You still feel stinky in spite of using deodorants

You still feel stinky in spite of using deodorants

Even though you shower regularly and apply deodorant, your body still gives off odor. This is because toxins in your body when digested produce gases and odors that escape through the pores in the body and will smell worse than farts.

4 Aching joints and muscles are running you down.

Aching joints and muscles are running you down.

Even though you aren’t going to the gym, your muscles are always tired and your joints ache. This could be due to the buildup of toxins where body ache is an indication of inflammation and no other reason. Try a full body detox.

5 New blemishes appear on your skin.

New blemishes appear on your skin

The skin is the biggest indicator of problems within the body and toxins are one of them. Toxins can also enter the body through the skin which is constantly exposed to pollution. Moreover, products like shampoos, soaps, and lotions can contain harmful chemicals that our bodies absorb during use. Exposure to such toxins can lead to acne, rash and eczema.

6Falling asleep is getting harder.

Falling asleep is getting harder

Toxin build up can cause both problems getting to sleep and also exhaustion where you constantly feel sleepy. Increased amounts of toxins can impact Cortisol that is the stress hormone and also regulates sleep. If that goes awry, then it impacts your sleep patterns negatively causing also insomnia which in itself is a dangerous condition.

7 You’re gaining weight

You’re gaining weight

Weight gain is also an indicator of toxin buildup even though you may be exercising at home or the gym. This could be a hormonal problem whose levels are being negatively impacted by toxins in your body. Consider changing your diet to a healthy one full of fruits and vegetables.

8 Your breath smells bad even to you.

Your breath smells bad even to you.

Bad breath is obviously a sign of toxins present in your body. Bad breath is linked to poor digestion where the digestive system has to struggle to digest the toxins. Poor digestion is also due to the liver having to cleanse your body of all the accumulated toxins. Consider a liver detox. Try a liver supplement like Milk Thistle which is excellent for liver support.

9 Your toenails are brittle and look ugly.

Your toenails are brittle and look ugly

Toxins are pulled down into your body by gravity and the first things that show this are ugly toenails. When your feet remain in socks and shoes for a longer part of the day, it is prone to fungus buildup. This in turn introduces toxins in your body. Consider medication from a doctor to deal with this and detox from the inside.

10You are experiencing hair loss rapidly

You are experiencing hair loss rapidly

This is a sure sign of toxin buildup in the body especially the severe ones like arsenic, led and thallium that could also be present in your water and cigarette smoke. Hair loss shouldn’t be taken lightly and a doctor should be consulted.

How to detox

How to detox


If you feel you are experiencing the above symptoms, then here is the best way to detox

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Drink dandelion tea, or add milk thistle, parsley or cilantro to your meals to support your liver health
  • Practice yoga
  • Eat organic and healthy foods
  • Include prebiotics and Probiotics to your diet
  • Use natural cosmetic products without chemical ingredients.