2019 is promising to be an exciting year as far as technology and new inventions go. From gadgets to ease up your daily life to huge products for industry, entrepreneurs and engineers are working overtime to come out with the smartest and unbelievable inventions that will also be made available for public use. Take a look at the 12 best inventions of 2019.

1 Gravity Blankets

Gravity Blankets

Among 2019 smartest inventions, the Gravity blanket is a fantastic gadget that can actually help you reduce your anxiety. It is a therapeutic, weighted blanket that is engineered to be around 10% of your body weight. The comfortable blanket also helps people with insomnia because of stress and anxiety

2 LynQ


Have you been in the situation where you are in a festival, amusement park, music festival or at the mall and separated from friends or family members? LynQ is a device that can help you find them because unlike the Smartphone that needs wifi, this is a compass type device that doesn’t.

3 Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Even if you are not eligible for Hogwarts and are not a wizard, this coding kit can also give you powers. The Harry Potter coding kit enables kids to accomplish real world magical feats with the help of coding.

4 The Mirror

The Mirror

This is one of the smartest inventions of 2019. The Mirror is sleek and is meant for those who are always monitoring their fitness goals. It is an interactive mirror that streams live workouts and offers an interactive fitness coach.

5 HabitAware


If you have made some New Year resolutions and can’t keep them, then HabitAware is the device for you. One of the bet inventions of 2019, it is conceived with the idea of helping you kick those bad habits and will make life easier. Each time it catches a bad habit, it vibrates and shakes.

6 Zipline


This is a startup from California that uses drones to save lives. The company applies its drone tech to remote areas across the world to help deliver vital essentials and supplies such as blood. One drone can carry 2kg and travel at 128 kmph for 160 km one trip.

7 Solar Charged Jacket

Solar Charged Jacket

As a night runner and one of the best inventions of 2019, this has been created by UK based sports gear Vollebak . It is a solar charged phosphorescent membrane that absorbs light in the day and releases it again like green kryptonite energy in the dark to keep you safe if you are in the wild.

8 Thor ET-One

Thor ET-One

Thor Company has come out with one of the smartest inventions of 2019 that is a sleek and electric powered semi truck. It can carry 36,000 kg up to 300 miles and looks like the cooler cousin of Optimus Prime.

9 Philips Somneo

Philips Somneo

The Phillips Somneo is here to help you wake earlier in 2019. It wakes you up without the traumatic sounds of an alarm clock. It stimulates a natural sunrise every morning while even providing assistance to your sleeping habits improving sleep.



This is Startup Company from Texas who has attracted worldwide attention with their best inventions of 2019. The fully functional 350 square feet home that can be created in 48 hours is amazing because it is developed with the help of a Vulcan 3D printer and is maybe the first 3D home. The invention can help you construct a home with frame and foundation before labor is required.

11 ROOM One


If you are one who doesn’t like being distracted or even catch a cold at work, then the ROOM ONE is the perfect soundproof workroom that workers can work in peace and quiet and complete privacy. This is the office cabin redefined.

12 Gravity Jet Suit

Gravity Jet Suit

Perhaps the vest invention of 2019, this gravity suit might help you become one of the Avengers or a super hero perhaps. It was created by Gravity Industries and features a 1050 HP system with five mini-jets that can make you soar up to 80kph.