For our first post on entertainment photography, we thought we would bring you these very absurd photographs that have been cop creatively and manipulated that they are bizarre in every sense. Using digital art, some artists are actually voicing their own unique form of protest like the atrocities of society portrayed in symbolic messages of photography and what appears on the surface as entertaining pictures. Take a look at these 12 superb pictures of manipulated pictures.

1 Iron man! Literally!

Well, that’s the real iron man for you, it’s incredible how the photos has been mastered because on first glance he appears to be ironing his clothes and then when you look down, it hits you in the face, he is ironing himself.

Iron man! Literally!

2 Big Nose

Well, yes Dude??? You do have a big nose. Some photos here will creep you out like this one because this guy is all nose and can be rightfully called a nosy parker. Now if that were to grow like Pinocchio, it would have been funnier maybe.

Big Nose

3 Peek-A-Boo

What do you make of this? This is truly and absolutely weird and must have taken a lot of creative and technical effort to make this photograph. A pregnant woman is of course a beautiful sight but don’t forget there is a human life inside her and should be regarded as one.


4 Upside Down

Is this how one would feel when they got up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning or maybe after a hard night of partying, this would be the perfect symbol of a classic hangover when everything seems upside down

Upside Down

5 Big Head, Little Body

Don’t you feel that some people are so narcissistic and absorbed in themselves that they don’t seem to notice what is going on around them? If such people’s heads grew with their feelings, their heads would become like this.

Big Head, Little Body

6 My Turn

Now this is truly bizarre and wild. We eat like no body’s business, what would happened if our universe turned upside down and we were on the receiving end or if all things had the same abilities, this would probably be it right?

My Turn

7 Heavy!!

Ok, here is another guy with a swollen head so much so he can’t even lift it. This is probably what would happen to people with real big heads. You may wake up one day and have to start carrying your head along with you.


8 Wasabi Chips."Wakes you up with every bite"

Don’t they actually. If there is one feature or feeling that you get in all of these entertaining photos is the fact of surreality. They all seems as if you have been put in some alternate universe and these are the results almost dreamlike.

Wasabi Chips."Wakes you up with every bite"

9 Sour lollipop

We all have eaten that sour lollipop built what happens when someone gives you in that is horribly sour. Won’t this the reaction you too may face? It’s a classic feeling as if your whole face is sucked into your mouth.

Sour lollipop

10 Twisted Woman!

No this is weird. Is she having a massive digestive problem that her entire digestive system seems to have been knotted and twisted like that?

Twisted Woman!

11 Keep your eyes open!

Ok , while its advisable to keep your eyes open, what if some ghostly ha d suddenly started to poke out of your eyes, or what if you saw something like this say in an elevator, you would be creeped out for life.

Keep your eyes open!

12 Voice inside You

Split personality or simply voices in the head. The condition of schizophrenia can get traumatic and overwhelming. Maybe this is what this artist is trying to symbolize here and he has succeeded.

Voice inside You

13 Split

This may be a sensitive explanation or it may just be another one of the entertaining pictures we have just seen. Manipulated pictures are really cool when combined with creativity such as this. We hope you loved these entertainment photography pictures, so stay tuned for more in this section.