Almost all the cultures in the world agree that cooking is a form of Art. Some passed on these talents through generations orally through mothers and grandmothers while some have taken proper training and learned the nuances of cooking something tasty as well as unique for everyone to enjoy. No matter how good a cook you are there are always some, handy household tricks or professional chef kitchen cooking tips which can take you one step ahead of all your competitors and you can shine like a bright culinary star in the sky.

1 Take the heat out of chilli peppers

Kitchen cooking tips

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Many of us love the taste and the kick of the chillies but cannot handle the heat. So just slit the chilly from the centre and de vein and de seed the chilly and rinse them in cold water. This will remove the heat of the chilly but retain the beautiful colour as well as the aroma of the chilly.


Did you know, you could cut calories by junking deep fried crisp and chips? You can still get the crunch by powdering the potato slices with flour and baking them.


Want to reduce the calorie count in your food? You can by junking off the cream content but do not want to destroy the taste of the food either? Well there is a way. Replace heavy cream with ¾ whipped egg whites when making the desserts and it will sure taste the same if not better without adding to your waist line.

4 Hot or cold soak

Kitchen cooking tips

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Among kitchen cooking tips, If there is a confusion whether you must put your veggies soaked in cold or warm water, there is a simple rule of the thumb here. If the vegetables grow below the soil, they need cold water and on the other hand if they grow on the upper layer of the soil then they need to be soaked in warm water.


How do you know that the eggs you have been whipping for so long is ready or not? Take a simple test albeit a bit risky one. Flip the bowl upside down to check the consistency, if they do not plop down and remain on the bowl its ready.

6 Baking beet

Kitchen cooking tips

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It’s a chef cooking tip which we must keep in mind, always bake the beet in a foil for salads. The boiled beets on the other hand get too soft and gooey while the baked version retains their colour and texture as well as all the vitamins.

7 Cutting onion

Kitchen cooking tips

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Many cooks are scared of cutting an onion, which is really simple and painless if done the right way. Split the onion in 2 and then trim off the tip and the edges of the onion. Make some horizontal cuts and followed by lengthways cuts and finally cut the onions cross wide in cubes.


Among kitchen cooking tips when you are about to your dress your salad, make sure to add seasoning first. Otherwise the oil or mayo would not let the salt dissolve uniformly and the last thing you want is clump of pepper or salt in parts of your salad and not spread evenly.


If you want to avoid sticky pasta, while boiling your pasta, add more water. Usually 1 litre of water for 100 gms of dry pasta will give perfect results. You can add a ½ tsp of vegetable oil in the water while boiling the pasta too.

10 Sweet pastries tip

Kitchen cooking tips

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Here comes the secret cooking tip of the great chefs for the perfect sweet pastries. It so simple, the flour weight should equal the sugar’s weight and the egg’s weight should equal the eggs’ weight.


To have your mashed potato super smooth and creamy, add some milk and baking soda on the tip of knife and whip it a couple of times.

Among kitchen cooking tips, you can get more juice out of your fruits if you roll them in your palm for a couple of minutes or microwave it for a couple of seconds or placing then in hot water for a few minutes and then juicing them and then see the difference yourself.

12 Check oil heat

Kitchen cooking tips

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If you want to check whether the oil you are heating for deep frying is ready enough or not, just dip a wooden spatula in the oil. If you notice bubbles around the wooden stick the oil is ready for deep frying.


Now this is crucial if you want to add sauce with your fresh hot pasta, do not add oil while boiling it as the oil will never let the sauce saturate the pasta with its taste, and no matter what it will separate from the pasta and never cling to it making it bland. We hope you like these kitchen cooking tips.