Everyone wants to be happy and content in his/her lives but unfortunaly the hurdles which are holding us back from that joy and happiness is ourselves alone. We are conditioned from childhood to compare ourselves, or be competitive to be super successful in lives and never be failures etc which makes us trapped in psychological battle which prevents us from breaking free those asinine social norms and be free and happy and yes! Successful.

Here are those 13 toxic believes that we should let go from our lives ASAP so that we are happy and joyful for the rest of our lives.

1 Excuses

Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Among things to let go for a happy life, you come across millions of people all around you who would never take responsibility for their mistakes and shortcoming of their work but make and excuse or better blame others for the failures. They would rather waste time in justifying why them are loser instead of looking into their lives and change their approach and work harder and take responsibilities for their actions. It takes guts and most of them lack it. But you must not fall in this group.

2 The Approval of Others

Stop bothering about what other people think about you or they approve your decisions or not because most of their opinions are fake and pretentions. They would be never be happy with your success so ask your own gut and faith for approval and jump on it.

3 Procrastination

Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Procrastination is one of the things to let go for a happy life. Never put off the task at hand for later. This is the habit which has doomed the best of the brains and geniuses of worlds. No matter how much you want to put off the work for tomorrow because you are tired or not in the zone, just start it off. That’s the hardest part, once you are on a roll trust me you won’t stop and no one in the world can stop you either.

4 Toxic Beliefs and Relationships

This is a hard one, in our so-called social circles, friends and families (so we prefer calling them) not everyone is your true friend. Some our openly malicious and hostile while others are passive aggressive and destroy you covertly. The reason is common, they never want you to go ahead of them in life and they are envious of your success. Its time to let go of these people from your life. They are toxic for your life and their remarks or comments can bring you down. Instead have your true cheerleaders around you, they will be less in number but truly your well-wishers and friends for life.

5 Insecurity

Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Never let your insecurities rule your head as everyone has a giant hidden in them capable of ruling the world. Be confident and exude self esteem which will keep away all the leachers and whiners away from you and never come in the way between you and your pursuits of life’s goals and happiness.

6 Impossible Standards

Only a fool will set himself for impossible, perfect standards goals to achieve because it’s a sure shot way to kill your confidence and self-esteem. Your goals should be measurable and achievable and most probably. Once you reach your initial goals keep fixing it higher gradually and do not try to be super human but human with the best approach and Smart strategies to succeed and be happy.

7 A sense of entitlement

Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Among things to let go, when misfortune or failure hits you people always wonder” why me” as if they are some special creations who does not deserve any accidents or mishaps in life. Now starts considering yourself ordinary and susceptible for anything be it good or bad then you will ask yourself “why not”.

8 Let go of Comparison

Comparison is one of the things to let go for a happy life. Don’t compare your life with others as it really sucks all the positivity from life as you feel that you are being left out while others are having much better and happier life than you. But you forget that the pictures of videos you see is the photoshopped and, highlighted parts if the lives of theirs which just shows their achievements or celebrations but cleverly hides the ugly facts and pain behind these bright smiles and lovely exotic backgrounds.

9 Controlling Everything

Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Once you start to micromanage your life and start to control things which are not even in your hands you are sure on your way on your way to a mental asylum. The only thing that you can control is your reactions and attitude towards life. Just do that and you will be happy.

10 Attachment to Money

Obviously one of the major things to let go. If your life ambition is to be rich and wealthy beyond compare at any cost than you have already paid the ultimate cost for it, your peace and happiness. Money should never be more important than life itself; it should be a means to give comfort and happiness to you and your loved ones. Amassing money by ignoring the same set of people makes no sense and your wealth has no value either.

11 Let Go of the Past

Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Old regrets, wounds, anger or sadness are like quicksand of life which will never let you move on but will keep pulling you deep down. Past cannot be changed no matter what so there is no point in lingering around it. Instead be forward looking and always strive to look and move forward and strive to reach ahead of your own limitations.

12 Assuming You Can’t

Sometimes we limit ourselves by assuming we cannot achieve something before we even attempt to try it. It can be due to social conditioning our minds have been put to since childhood or may be lack of confidence or self-esteem. These assumptions are just a blockade between you and reaching that goal which will make you happy.

13 Guilt

Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Guilt is one of the things to let go for a happy life. Have the courage to own up your mistakes by not making excuses or blaming someone else, analyse them intelligently and then learn from them so that you never repeat them. Most importantly forgive yourself for it and make amends as being human is to err!