Most people emphasize on working out their rectus abdominis commonly called the abs or six packs. They neglect their obliques which remain covered in fat. When you neglect this part of your body your core development becomes imbalanced. Furthermore, instead of getting a proper v-shaped figure you will be stuck with a figure that will be lacking in width giving your body a really odd shape. So, begin working out those obliques for stronger abs and a better figure with these top 5 oblique abs workouts:

1 Cable Woodchoppers

Cable Woodchoppers

Cable woodchoppers are great high intensity oblique abs workouts that focus primarily on burning off the fat from your obliques and sculpting them into shape, all while making them rock-solid. The secondary muscles it focuses on are your arms, chest and lats. In addition you get a nice stretch on both sides of your body and this workout is one amongst the best that are extremely good for developing core strength.

Frequency- 3 sets of 12 reps (each side).

2 Decline Russian Twists

Decline Russian Twists

Among obliques for stronger abs, this exercise focuses only on the oblique muscles and has minimal impact on any upper body muscle groups. The only other large muscle group it affects directly is the muscle groups in the lower back. This improves core balance and power, which in turn increases your control over body posture. Remember while performing this exercise, hold for at least 1 second on either side. Assuming this gets easy, consider using a light weight plate or even a medicine ball to test your strength and overcome your limits.

Frequency- 3-4 sets 10 reps from left to right.

3 Side Planks with Knee Pull

Side Planks with Knee Pull

This is a variation of the side plank oblique workouts, making it seemingly more intense. It stretches out the obliques, isolating them in motion, thus proving to be an effective oblique worker. It is yet another exercise that increases core stability and enhances core strength in your abdominal area. In addition, your deltoids, forearms, shoulders, legs, and glutes also get a good workout from this particular kind of exercise.

Frequency- 3 sets of 10reps on each side.

4 Weighted Oblique Static Holds

Weighted Oblique Static Holds

The weight in this exercise refers to your own body weight, meaning that you will be using your entire body weight in this exercise. In this you have to squeeze your obliques till you can’t anymore and then hold it like that for around 40-45 seconds. Hence the name weighted oblique static hold. It focuses solely on the obliques and a little on the lower back and hip muscles.

It goes without saying that your oblique muscles will surely lose fat efficiently, while harder and shapelier muscles emerge. If this becomes easy soon, use a light dumbbell (place it in between your feet) to increase the difficulty and increase overall benefits. This is among the best oblique workouts for ripped abs.

Frequency- 4-5 times holding each side for 45 seconds minimum.

5 Oblique Cable Crunches

Oblique Cable Crunches

Oblique Cable Crunches are one of a kind and one of the best obliques workouts. Since in this exercise you have to workout on the cable machine while using heavy weights. Despite using weights, once your abs and obliques get stronger, this exercise will gradually become easier. Needless to say that you may even find yourself crunching with weights over 100 pounds which may be impossible to perform with other oblique abs workouts.

Frequency- 3 sets 10-12 reps each side.