Flat belly with tremendous looking abs, well every woman wants them, but the Question with everyone is how it’s possible and can it be achieved? Well anything and everything is definitely possible. It’s just that you need Patience for it as nothing comes easy. Well here are some moves that will surely help you in getting there in developing those ripped feminine looking abs. Just 5 simple work-outs, it’s called the 5 simple rules with full dedication.

1 Russian Kettle bell Twist

Russian Kettle bell Twist

For abdominal work-outs, the Russian Kettle bell Twist is known as a strenuous hard core exercise for abs and allows you to work the entire core area without doing those same old boring sit-ups and crunches. With a moderately weight can do approximately 15-20 repetitions. This will surely strengthen your oblique muscles on both sides of the body and will also help in firming your back.

2 Trx pendulum

Trx pendulum

The most powerful of all exercises for abs work-out is the TRX exercise, mainly for lower Abs. This not only develops awesome lower Abs but definitely increases your inner strength and a tummy toner. The TRX is also a very useful exercise to re build that V-cut stomach. It not only helps with strengthening your Abs muscle but work on weight loss, as well. The main factor about this work-Out is that several muscles work at the same time due to its motion and for that your body needs more oxygen which increases breathing and heart rate. This way, you are even working out on cardio and as well which is crucial for burning belly fat.

3 The plank

The plank

The plank sounds simple, Right! Not really as very few know about it. It is one of those work outs to boost your energy level and increase body strength. But this is one exercise for women that you would not want to miss out on as this is an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles because they engage all major core muscle to do the groundwork to achieving those six-pack look. In turn, your abdominal muscles will become stronger and tighter.

4 Oblique V- Ups

Oblique V- Ups

A very interesting name for an exercise but this work-out does the trick. It targets the Rectus Abdominis, which is the flat muscle on top of your Abs. Transversus Abdominis helps to haul back your tummy inward to your spine, it also activates the secondary muscles that comes into motion and helps to work out the middle and upper back as well as the quadriceps and hamstrings giving you a nice firm shaped look on those legs.

5 The Vertical Leg Raise

The Vertical Leg Raise

The strength used for this soldier like exercise for women would want you to just give up and stop right there. But ladies, this very serious workout would make your dreams come true for that killer Abs that you wanted. It works both, upper and lower abdomen. This exercise isolates the muscles of your abdomen and doesn’t require any special equipment. This would also increase your athletic Performance thus making you more proficient in other activities.

These five awesome work-outs have been proven for its 100% effective results for great abs for women. Getting into shape especially for women isn’t a walk in the garden as we all understand in fact for most people out there. Weight loss on the other hand is the main motivator for getting what you want. Believe this if you may, but indulging into regular physical activity such as exercise in any form decreases the risk of cancer and other diseases .Not only that, it also reduces stress from your daily work and makes your skin radiant as well as a great looking hot body.