Celery has a high fiber content which in addition to being nutritious helps in keeping our hunger at bay for a long time. It is also the reason why we cannot eat too much of it in a single sitting. However, if we choose to make celery juice, we basically separate most of its fiber content leaving only its vitamins, minerals and other nutrient content in the extracted juice. Thus, this juice is extremely healthy as well as being delicious.

In comparison to other vegetable and fruit juices, celery has a very low sugar and calorie content. In fact, just one full glass of celery juice contains much less sugar than a medium-sized carrot. Nevertheless, celery juice should never be drunk as a substitute for a meal, because fiber is necessary for the body and is required on a daily basis. The benefits of drinking celery juice are numerous. Here are some such benefits you can get if you choose to consume celery juice:

1 It prevents issues with vision

It prevents issues with vision

Vitamin A is the most important vitamin required for improving and maintaining our eyesight, protecting the surface of the eyes from bacteria and viruses, and lowering the risk of developing age-related vision issues like cataracts, and celery happens to be rich in vitamin A. By drinking one glass of celery juice daily, you can ensure that your eyesight never goes bad.

2 The risk of cancer is reduced

The risk of cancer is reduced

Among benefits of celery juice, researchers found that celery contains lute Olin, an element that weakens cancer cells making them more susceptible to treatment. For a long time celery has been used in Chinese medicine as an anti-cancerous. So, drink a glass of celery every day to prevent the risk of developing cancer.

3 It acts a neutralizing agent for acidic food

It acts a neutralizing agent for acidic food

Celery juice contains strong alkalizing qualities due to the fact that it contains elements like sodium, iron, and magnesium. This helps in neutralizing acidic foods which helps in maintaining a healthy pH balance within our body. The foods which we consume on a regular basis are quite acidic too, and too much of acidic food tends to cause problems like kidney stones, heart and liver problems, and bone deterioration. BY including a glass of celery juice into your daily diet routine, you can easily prevent the building up of acidic level in your body.

4 It helps in regulating fluid balance

It helps in regulating fluid balance

One of the benefits of celery is a rich source of potassium which is an important mineral that helps in various processes in our bodies. While our bodies comprise of about 60% of water, approximately 40% of this water is located in our cells. The remaining percentage can be found in our blood, the spinal fluid and in between the cells. The level of water contained within the cells as well as the water outside these cells is critical and are affected by the concentration of electrolytes. Potassium tends to dissolve in water and act as a positively-charged electrolyte which regulates the level of water inside the cells.

5 It helps in preventing type II diabetes

It helps in preventing type II diabetes

Nowadays type II diabetes is one of the most common diseases affecting the populace of the world. According to an estimate, more than 400 million people worldwide are at the risk of developing type II diabetes by the year 2030. But, by consuming celery juice can help you avoid developing such a disease mainly because it is rich in vitamin K which has been proven to improve our insulin sensitivity.

6 It has high foliate content

It has high foliate content

As one of the benefits of celery juice, foliate is significant for both the red and white blood cells in the bone marrow, as it performs the function of turning carbohydrates into energy, producing DNA, and is vital for the breakdown of protein. It is a part of the B-group vitamins and since celery has a high content of these vitamins, it has been found that one cup of celery juice contains nearly 145 micrograms of foliate. This is over 36% for the recommended intake for men and women, and over 29% for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Here’s a bonus tip: Grow celery on your own

Grow celery on your own

Growing celery is rather simple because all you need to do is when you chop off the bottom from a bunch of celery put it in water, instead of throwing it in the trash. In a few days you will notice shoots growing out of its center after which you can plant it and wait till it is fully grown. After harvesting it you can do the same thing again.