Everyone has their own idea of what happiness is which makes it somewhat of a vague term. However, psychologists and neuroscientists do not agree with this concept since they have a good understanding of what makes us happy and what makes us sad as human beings. There are times when we feel awful because of certain everyday things and habits which we fail to notice. Here is a list of those harmful things and unexpected habits which we should do our best to avoid so that we can live happily:

1 We are always sitting

unexpected habits

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These days we have gotten so used to a sedentary lifestyle that it has become somewhat of an ordinary thing for us. Our daily routine ends with us going home and taking a seat in front of the TV or computer to chat with our friends.

Not moving around reduces the level of endorphins and other hormones which are responsible for making us feel happy. Going out for walks or even working out twice a week will keep energetic and more satisfied with your life.

2 Spending the entire day indoors

unexpected habits

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Among unexpected habits, it isn’t necessary that if you work from home you will be more than happy with yourself. As it turns out, the places which we like to visit like the restaurants, cinemas and other places do not exactly make us happy either.

But, spending time in an unknown place outdoors can fill us with immense joy and can boost our self-esteem as well. This is commonly known as “adventure therapy” among psychologists. Whether you go to a different country or make a trip to a neighboring village, either ways you will feel happier with yourself.

3 Not paying attention to the thing which happen around us

unexpected habits

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Paying attention to how we do the things is as important as choosing what to do. For example, one girl who is washing the dishes at home feels glad that she has time to herself and to clean the house. However, another girl might not feel the same about cleaning the house because she could’ve been on a date at a fancy restaurant but she is stuck with household chores instead.

The girl in the first case will feel relaxed and at ease whereas the girl in the second case will feel stressed and exhausted. The ability to live in the moment is what makes our lives more interesting and keeps all our bitter memories, regrets, and fears at bay.

4 We usually tend to only consume

unexpected habits

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As one of the unexpected habits, giving is as essential as taking, and we need to understand and accept this to make our lives more meaningful. For instance, we feel significant and satisfied when we perform simple acts of kindness.

The tiniest of good actions like buying a gift for someone, writing a note of thanks or appreciation, or even painting a wall can bring us a good deal satisfaction and make us cheerful. These simple acts lead us to believe that someone appreciates and needs us and gives us purpose in life.

5 Isolating ourselves from others

unexpected habits

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While in this day and age individuality is a huge part of our character, we still feel the need to belong to a group. This need doesn’t just apply to our closest friends and family members, but to other people as well, if we want to be truly happy.

Various studies suggest that this quality helps us defeat diseases and even reduces our stress levels. Instead it gives us more confidence regardless of what group we belong to. It could be a game club, or a football club, we just need to feel that we belong in it.

6 We don’t make use of our creativity

unexpected habits

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Among unexpected habits, having a creative hobby is a must not just to make money or gain fame off of it but to help in reducing our stress levels, and improving our mood from the satisfaction we get from doing it. It even prevents us from getting depressed.

Other than singing or painting there are many other creative things we can do such as choosing the colors for painting your walls, doing household chores, or even gardening. Anything which requires you to use your imagination to approach it in a unique way is all that you need to get creative.