Did Isaac Newton’s mom have any clue that her son was going to be a genius responsible for such a huge discovery? Did she know that he would grow up to have an IQ of 192? In fact she also took him out of school when he was a teen to make him a farmer. Well just 1% of the population have an IQ over 136. According to Mensa, which is the high IQ society, parents can identify high IQ in children through various signs displayed by the child and here are 7 of them.

1 Excellent Memory

Excellent Memory

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Among signs of higher IQ in children, it is important for children to have a good memory so that they learn and retain new information in school and home. Working memory isn’t just about learning in school it is about activities in everyday life and decision making but here’s a warning. Studies say that those with good memories are also good at lying.

2 Early Reading Skills

Early Reading Skills

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Extremely intelligent kids display a love for books at an early age and even begin to sight read from the age of four while other kids reach that milestone by the age of 6 or 7. There are different stages of reading and a child needs to first understand and recognize words before they can read. Some may even start reading later on but once they do, an intelligent child will fall in love with books.

3 Curiosity

Early Reading Skills

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The Harvard Business Review says “curiosity is as important as intelligence.” Thus being inquisitive is a mark of success. Children who ask away questions indicate that they want to learn and know more and will seek opportunities to fulfil that desire to develop their intelligence.

4 Sense of Humor

Early Reading Skills

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Abraham had a witty sense of humour as historians recall. Even Winston Churchill had a sense of humor and several of his quotes are laced with samples of his funny wit. A sense of humor is a sign of intelligence and so if you child displays a sense of humour, you should encourage it. This could be a sign of future greatness or success.

5 Musical Ability

Musical Ability

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According to studies and research there is a link between being intelligent and having a keen sense of music. Research has found that a child can benefit academically by receiving a musical education. Parents should encourage a child to listen to music when they are young even if they don’t have a musical talent. Research also says that musical training and education improves the brain’s ability to be creative and think creatively.

6 Sets High Standards

signs of higher IQ in children

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Intelligent kids and even adults always push themselves and set higher standards for themselves. It is in the instinct of such individuals to improve in all areas at work, school or home in issues that matter to them. This self-drive also helps them learn new skills and new subjects in school to test their abilities. When such children are hyper focused in specific areas they are interested in, it is a sure signs of higher IQ in children.

7 Talkative with Adults

signs of higher IQ in children

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Among the signs of higher IQ in children, some intelligent kids are usually called little adults because they mature early and are more aware of current affairs and general knowledge. This makes them inclined to chat mostly with adults instead of their peers. Particularly bright children might keep chatting with adults at a birthday party instead of playing with kids. Enjoying conversing about a variety of subjects if one of the signs of higher IQ in children.

A child without a higher IQ can still be successful or a genius later in life

signs of higher IQ in children

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If you child doesn’t display any signs of higher IQ it doesn’t mean that they won’t be successful. In fact, they too could be a genius. Experts debate on whether someone is born a genius or becomes one over time but it is a common assumption that a positive environment and nurturing the child correctly is what contributes to their future abilities. According to Malcolm Gladwell “the tallest oak in the forest is the tallest not just because it grew from the hardiest acorn; it is the tallest also because no other trees blocked its sunlight.” All children have potential to reach their own version of brilliance and success. “We all know that successful people come from hardy seeds,” Gladwell writes in the book, “But do we know enough about the sunlight that warmed them, the soil in which they put down the roots . . . ?” That’s where moms, dads, and other supportive adults come in!

If you want your child to grow up to be intelligent and successful, create a positive and nurturing environment for them. Ensure they are getting adequate sleep, a healthy diet, exercise and outdoor activity and plenty of mental stimulation like reading or a hobby or even art or music lessons if they like it.