Canker sores can be caused by bacterial infections, injuries, allergies and even an unclean stomach. These painful ulcers can appear on your tongue, inner mouth cheek, gums and inner lips. If left unchecked it can culminate fluids and mucous that makes it swell up and become even more painful and unpleasant than it already is. If you really want to avoid buying costly medicines, mouthwashes and gels to treat canker sores, then turn to the next best effective treatment you find available at home. Here are the best home remedies for canker sores.

1 A Chamomile Tea Bag

A Chamomile Tea Bag

Soak a chamomile tea bag in hot water for over a minute and then squeeze out the excess water. Now press the moist bag against the sore for 10 minutes, and do it two times a day till the canker sore can no longer be seen. Chamomile Tea contains the chemical compounds- bisabolol and levomenol that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. These compounds can reduce inflammation, pain and heal it quickly.

2 Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an easy and effective home remedy for canker sores. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties will not fail to cure a painful canker sore that keeps swelling up if left unchecked. Wash your hands properly before applying coconut oil on the sore. It can also be applied by using a cotton swab, dabbing a small amount of coconut oil directly on the canker sore. If it feels like the oil is tricklingoff of the sore or doesn’t stay on it, then you can heat up some more oil, say about ½ a teaspoon more, till it becomes thick and apply that on the canker sore.

3 Organic Honey

Organic Honey

Gargle with some hot water first then put some raw organic honey directly on the canker sore, using a cotton dab to apply it. Honey is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory elements and soothes the pain of canker sores. Apply thrice daily till the sore is healed.

4 Rinsing with Aloe Vera

Rinsing with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has always been considered to be one of the best herbal remedies for all skin conditions. The gel extracted from this plant can soothe canker sores really well. In fact it may just heal your unpleasant sore in no time. Take some water in a bowl and mix in the gel, then stir well. After that, use it to rinse your sore, gently, for about three times in a day. Just be sure that the extracted gel is 100% natural.

5 Warm Saline Gargle

Warm Saline Gargle

Salt is excellent to treat canker sores. Take a fair amount of salt, say more than ½ a teaspoon and add it to a cup of hot water and mix well. Swish the solution around in your mouth, making sure it keeps touching the canker sore. Gargle thrice daily. The salt water solution induces osmosis, which brings out the excess fluids from the canker sore, in turn causing it to deflate a little and reduces pain. It destroys mucous membranes and acts as a good soothing and purifying agent.

6 Un-Sweetened Yogurt

Un-Sweetened Yogurt

Pure, organic and un-sweetened yoghurt is a tasty healthy home remedy for canker sores. It contains lactobacillus that is good for the body by destroying bad bacteria. Since canker sores result from unhealthy bacterial substances in the mouth or possibly the stomach, it will do you good to take a tablespoon of yogurt thrice in a day. When your system is cleansed, that will reduce the infection of the canker sore faster.

7 Rinse with Baking Soda

Rinse with Baking Soda

Prepare a solution with a teaspoon of baking soda and half a cup of warm water and use it to rinse your mouth, specifically the area infected by the canker sore. Baking soda consists of alkaline which tends to irritate the canker sore, kill bacteria and facilitate its healing.

Try these remedies for canker sores and they will be gone within a few days.