The liver is one of the main organs of the body that metabolizes all the crap and toxins that you may be taking in everyday. As one of the most important organs, liver failure can be a nasty condition. However, as you lover is a string organ that regenerates itself, it will keep trying to do so but even as it is getting pumped with toxins, it can reduce in function where poor liver function will show up as signs that you might mistake for something else. Here are some major signs that your liver is full of toxins.

1 Liver area pain

Liver area pain

One of the first signs of toxic liver is pain in the liver area or right area of the abdomen. This could be a sign of poor liver function and starts with a dull pain which can become worse if left untreated. The liver detoxifies the body, filters waste and also metabolizes nutrients and also medication. In liver disease, it doesn’t function well and pain is one of the signs of liver toxicity.

2 Leg and ankle swelling

Leg and ankle swelling

Another sign to show your liver is full of toxins is ankle and leg swelling. When a dysfunctional liver is trying to heal itself, it forms scar tissue but excess scar tissue again damages it further causing portal hypertension. This results in fluid retention in the legs and though the swelling or edema is painless, it still is among signs of toxic liver that affects lower extremities like calves, ankles, feet and sometimes thighs.

3 Gaining weight

Gaining weight

In spite of a healthy lifestyle and working out, people still struggle with weight issues. Weight gain can be the reason of overeating or hormonal imbalance. You could also consider poor liver function with your doctor. If the liver is full of toxins such as artificial sweeteners, alcohol, excess fat in diet and medications, it starts to store the unfiltered toxins in fat cells. This is a mess up in your body that doesn’t allow you to lose weight. You need to cleanse your liver.

4 Allergies


A sluggish or toxic liver can cause allergies because of several toxins entering the bloodstream. The brain identifies them as allergens and releases histamines and antibodies that end up in itching and rash. This is one the signs of toxic liver that isn’t cleaning the blood perfectly and allowing harmful molecules to remain in the body letting frequent effects of allergens to impact the body.

5 Yellow skin and yellow eyes

Yellow skin and yellow eyes

This is one of the clearest signs of liver disease and is called jaundice. It is not exactly an illness but a symptom of dysfunctional liver. It appears in liver disease when the liver allows too much bilirubin to accumulate in the blood, this is a yellow pigment caused by breaking down of red blood cells in the liver. The same thing happens in hepatitis and liver failure. When the liver cannot remove bilirubin, you turn yellow.

6 Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue

One of the signs your liver is full of toxins is chronic fatigue that makes you feel as if you are suffering from flu or a similar illness. This is clearly the case of a toxic liver but an accurate diagnosis is only made if you are suffering from the problem for six months. The liver contributes to the production of energy in the body and converts glucose into glycogen to store it for use later. A liver that is healthy will release glucose between meals or whenever your body requires it. In liver failure, no glucose will be produced because of no space to store it.

7 Low blood sugar

Low blood sugar

Because of the abnormal sugar levels in your body due to a toxic liver, you soon start experiencing hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Your liver processes and produces glucose after meals but a dysfunctional liver cannot do so which decreases sugar in the blood creating low blood sugar, irritation, poor focus and fatigue.

Other signs that your liver if full of toxins are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep apnea
  • Immune disorders

Here’s what you can do

Here’s what you can do

There is no need to despair immediately. Your liver is a resilient organ and if you experience only the initial signs of toxic liver or issues like fatty liver, a change in your lifestyle and diet will do much to reverse the problem. You have to give your liver a break from a healthy lifestyle and acknowledge the signs that you liver is full of toxins. You can also cleanse your liver with certain foods and abide by healthy habits like the tops mentioned below as proven by research and science.

  • Drink green tea
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Reduce consumption of glucose
  • Reduce vegetable oils
  • Avoid sodas
  • Include animal and plant food in your diet
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Start eating more garlic, and onions or even eggs
  • Consider taking milk thistle (a potent liver healer)
  • Drink a cup of black coffee daily as it has been proven to be good for the liver

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