Oral Thrush in babies is a yeast infection known as Candida as it is a result of fungus called Candida Albicans which usually reside in our bodies. It is a resident of the digestive and oral system and various conditions may contribute to an excess of the fungus which then appears in as oral thrush in babies. Although the condition isn’t a cause for concern, still it needs to be eliminated. In babies especially it is the condition of low immunity that can give rise to thrush infections. You can spot oral thrush in babies as it looks like typical cottage cheese existing as a milky layer on the inner cheeks or gums. Miconazole solutions are usually prescribed by doctors for oral thrush in babies, however, trying out this home remedies for oral thrush along with medication will help remove the infection.

1 Tea Tree Oil

home remedies for oral thrush

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Among remedies for oral thrush, 1 drop of tea tree oil in half cup of boiling water makes an effective solution for oral thrush in babies. Don’t forget to cool down the solution first before applying it as paint on the affected area. Use a clean cotton bud for the purpose of painting oral thrush with medication.

2 Grapefruit Seed Extract

home remedies for oral thrush

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Among the better remedies for oral thrush, grapefruit extract may leave a bitter taste in your baby’s mouth but it is a great remedy for oral thrush in babies. It is a potent solution to trermnove thrush infection where just 7 drops of grapefruit seed extract mixed with an ounce of pure distilled water will do. You can purchase distilled water at a local pharmacy.

3 Coconut Oil

home remedies for oral thrush

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Coconut oil can well make an effective and soothing remedy for oral thrush in babies. Virgin Coconut oil contains acrylic acid and has antifungal properties. You could paint your babies inner moth with the solution as well as apply some to your nipples. This prevents the infection of oral thrush in babies from spreading further.

4 Probiotics

home remedies for oral thrush

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As a mother these aren’t for your baby but for you. Enriching your diet with food rich in probiotics as a remedy for oral thrush will ensure a healthy dose of such material in your system. Of course the benefits are then passed onto your baby when you breast feed her. Oral thrush in babies can be prevented by such a practice. You could also try a reputed lactobacillus supplement which is easily available from medical stores. Moreover unsweetened yoghurt is rich in lactobacillus too.

5 Maintain a Good Diet to Prevent Oral Thrush in Babies

home remedies for oral thrush

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In order to pass on the benefits of a strengthened immune system to prevent oral thrush in your baby, you need to build up immunity yourself. The only possible way to do is to ensure you eat a wholesome diet of the right sort of food that provides you a balanced amount of proteins carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients conducive to your baby's health. Such remedies are more effective in indirectly combating oral thrush in babies. Try to avoid sugars and a refined grain because thrush can also result from allergens .Milk is a big time culprit of allergens which can aggravate oral thrush.

6 Apple Cider Vinegar

home remedies for oral thrush

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Almost every home remedy states apple cider vinegar. That’s because this remarkable substance is versatile enough to contain several beneficial properties. It fights infections and inflammations of several kinds. Its proven anti microbial properties can easily reduce or eliminate oral thrush in babies. Do not give your baby apple cider vinegar directly but apply it on your nipples instead before a feeding. A great home remedy for oral thrush.

7 Practice a High Level of Hygiene to prevent oral thrush in babies

home remedies for oral thrush

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Oral thrush in babies or Candida can easily be passed on from you if you don’t keep yourself in a hygienic state at all times. This is especially when you are breast feeding. Always wash your hands before handling objects that enter your baby’s mouth. Sterilize all your baby's feeding items such as feeding bottles and pacifier, boiling them in clean water will do the trick. Moreover the most important thing is to ensure your nipples are clean and dry before you breast feed your baby. This will avoid a condition of oral thrush.

Oral thrush in babies can be prevented by hygienic conditions and as well as eating foods like garlic which help booster your immunity. Do not use any harsh substances like Listerine in your baby’s mouth. If you feel the oral thrush is worsening to a bigger infection, see a doctor.