A sprained ankle hurts a lot. It might occur accidentally or if you are being careless. How do you realize that you are having a sprained ankle? Well in that case you are going to experience swellings, redness, extreme pains, and troublesome walking. Most people get an x- ray of their ankle done. It is not wrong in a way. But the medicines that a doctor prescribes to makes you ready to work super-fast might contain many side reactions. Painkillers in high dosage are not at all healthy but they still need to be taken as per the advice of your doctor. But here’s what you can also do. You can try out some easy home remedies for sprained ankle that will not only cure you but will also make you stable in a healthy way. There are many natural items which by using produces excellent result on your sprained ankle. Here are some homemade remedies using which you can get let go off your sprained ankle.

1 Ice

remedies for sprained ankle

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One of the best remedies for sprained ankle is ice. To prevent your sprained ankle from bulging anymore you should apply a plain and simple ice pack. Just after the injury you should apply this for nearly around 48 to 72 hours. Take some ice in a towel and press it softly against your sprained ankle. Repeat this procedure in a gap of two to 3 hours. The ice pack should be kept at the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes. This gives a patient a lot of relief. Always remember not to bring ice in direct contact with your injured area. This might lead to damage to the skin and surface tissue.

2 Crepe bandage

remedies for sprained ankle

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Using a crepe bandage you can keep your sprained ankle tied up for even durations. Do not tie your injured area very tightly with this piece of cloth as it will lead to improper flow of blood in your feet. Until and unless inflammation is reduced you should keep it on. Remove it before going to sleep or it might make your ankle numb.

3 Turmeric

remedies for sprained ankle

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This natural product used as a Indian spice is one of the remedies for sprained ankle. To make a thick paste blend two tbsp. of turmeric powder, one tbsp. of lime juice and a slight amount of lukewarm water. After that apply the paste on your sprained ankle and cover it with a bandage. Keep it for nearly 10 hours so as to get some relief from pain. Continue with this procedure after every ten hours until and unless your ankle gets cured.

4 Garlic

remedies for sprained ankle

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Garlic can boost your energy as well as reduce swellings. With one tbsp. of garlic juice you should blend two tbsps of warm coconut oil. Softly apply this on your injured area. After keeping it for half an hour wash it off with slightly warm water. On using this simple remedy for sprained ankle twice or thrice a day, you can get a lot of relief.

5 Epsom salt

remedies for sprained ankle

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Magnesium sulphate in Epsom salt is highly effective in curing you off your sprained ankle. It is can be availed in any local drugstores. In a bucket full of lukewarm water put one cup of Epsom salt. Keep your sprained ankle soaked in the bucket for nearly around half an hour. Keep on doing this twice a day to get amazing results.

6 Onion

remedies for sprained ankle

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Onion is also anti-inflammatory in nature. After slicing one onion into small pieces put it in a muslin cloth and tie it using a rubber band. The pack is then applied to your sprained ankle for almost two hours. If needed use another rubber band to keep the cloth with chopped onions in place.

7 Olive oil

remedies for sprained ankle

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Olive oil helps provide relief from sprained ankle. Warm up some olive oil in a bowl and let it cool for some time. Keep rubbing the oil on your sprained ankle for some time. You receive a relaxation of your muscles. Repeating this process twice or thrice a day will heal your sprained ankle.

All the above mentioned home remedies for sprained ankle have proven to be effective. Use these natural procedures on your sprained ankle for relief. However, don’t forget to see a doctor for the proper medication.