Our everyday actions and habits come from the doctrines which we received from our teachers and parents from childhood which were deemed to be “healthy” and good habits. Naturally we followed them all out lives and passed on to our kids and to the next generations. But the problem lies in the part that most of the so called “good” habits were not exactly nice or healthy in fact unhealthy for us and harmful. Here are 7 age old healthy habits not good for kids.

1 Sitting with a straight back

Sitting with a straight back

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Since childhood we have been constantly upbraided by our moms and teachers to sit up straight with our backs ram rod straight but this is completely wrong traditions as the medical studies have pointed out the most comfortable sitting position in a chair s to rest back and slide down a bit. When we sit at the angle of 135 degrees it’s the healthiest sitting posture, because in this situation our tendons, and spine muscles are most relaxed. On the hand other hand if the person sits ram rod straight for a long duration of time, they may develop vertebral disk displacement. That’s why always encourage your kids to sit in a relaxed position on chairs with a cushion to support their lower backs.

2 Using a backpack instead of a bag

Using a backpack

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Among healthy habits bad for kids, if your fancy new back pack is not orthopedically approved its going to be disastrous for you. Usually the people using the bag packs hang it in one shoulder which results in to back pain and shoulder cramps. Moreover, bag packs must be at least 2 inches higher than your waistline. It has been found out that prolonged usage of back packs in wrong way has caused scoliosis and kyphosis in school and college students. So please do not put extra weight in the back packs and make sure it’s always in the right position on your backs.

3 Using hand sanitizer often

Using hand sanitizer often

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It may sound counterintuitive but the regular usage of hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial gels and wipes actually weakens our natural immune systems of our bodies and make our skin weaker. The hand sanitizers usually have Triclosan which increases resistance to bacteria contributing to the development of so called super bacteria. They kill the bad bacteria no doubt but also kill the natural flora of our skin thus reducing the immunity. There have been reported cases where these products have actually had instant bad effect on children causing skin irritations and poisoning. So, if you have water and soap in your disposal use them instead and go old school.

4 Brushing their teeth after every meal and using mouthwash

Brushing their teeth

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Now this might sound sacrilegious to many parents but is one of the healthy habits bad for kids. You may have spent years teaching kids to brush their teeth after heavy meals and use mouthwash. But the fact is that is a wrong practise. Using toothpaste every time after easting disrupts the right acid balance and destroys the tooth enamel. Saliva is supposed to naturally clean and sanitise our mouth breath. The same goes with over usage of mouth washes too, as it has negative effects on mucus membranes and especially on kids. In fact, children should be encouraged to floss their teeth the regularly and which will clean the teeth from food debris and freshens their breath.

5 Drinking milk

Drinking milk

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Among one of the healthy habits not good for kids in our collective mindset milk is associated with healthy diet items for a child in fact it represents childhood in many cultures. It restores vitamin A and calcium in the bodies of growing kids. However, the recent studies have shown that milk has the opposite effects on the body! Casein the protein created in milk actually increases the acidity in the stomach which tries to control casein with calcium. Now lack of calcium causes osteoporosis. In fact, some studies have proven casein to be carcinogenic! By the age of 10-11 children do not develop the ferment which dissolves casein so teenagers do not actually benefit from milk at all. In fact, nationalists actively discourage milk intake after this age.

6 Being busy with the “right” activities and not procrastinating


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No doubt over-procrastination is considered a bane of self-growth and actualisation and the habit to keep the children productively busy from the very beginning seems to be the right strategy. But if they are inundated with additional activities and extra curriculars apart from regular school work it leads to chronic stress from an early age. This stress causes hormonal changes, digestion problems and other health degradations. And one must come out of this feudal mind state of demonising procrastinations. There is nothing wrong about it as it gives a breathing space to the body and mind to plan and allows the brain to reloads which is important for the development of child psyche.

7 Cutting nails very short

Healthy Habits

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Its and age-old belief that hand sanitation begins with chopped up nails as it keeps the hands clean. This is one of the healthy habits not good for kids. In fact, the shorter the nail cut the better which has been recently challenged by the dermatologists. They say there is a heightened risk of infections under the nail area also there is the problem of ingrown nails if the flesh starts growing over the nails. So, it’s always safer to keep a small white crescent of nail uncut and keep a watch there is no ingrown nails.