Parents who are responsible usually will go to any lengths to make sure their children grow up happy and successful kids. However, sometimes, they may fail and it is these parenting mistakes that may regret later on in life because these will impact the future life of a child more so psychologically and mentally. Here are the negative things that affect children and the mistakes parents make which they regret later on in life.

1 You don’t show your child you love them

You don’t show your child you love them

Responsible parenting means you need to connect with your children on an emotional level too. The mom and dad are the most important people in the world for a little child. But if they don’t get that love, a child may grow up with low self esteem and they won’t even love themselves. Some may be prone to resorting to plastic surgery just to change the way they look like. There are some parents who transform their love into total control and that is harmful also.

2 They didn’t enjoy their communication with their child

They didn’t enjoy their communication with their child

A child needs constant contact with parents and responsible parents also need to communicate with their children. There may be no free time because of work but you can always take some time out for your children. If you carrying on being occupied while your child and you are at home, your child will have grown up in front of you without you knowing it and this one huge parenting mistake that many of us make.

3 They didn’t hug their children often enough

They didn’t hug their children often enough

Research has proven that hugs are good for mental and physical health and there are advantages. It is always nice to hug your children but many parents do not for various reasons or because of outdated advice. Soon your kids will grow up and will never let them hug you because you will have ingrained the same way of thinking in them. You should always cherish the time when they are children and hug them when you get the chance.

4 You try to control everything

You try to control everything

There are many parents who try to control every aspect of their children’s life thinking themselves to be responsible parents and that is also part of responsible parenting but it is the opposite. Some parents will continue wanting to control their child’s life even when they have grown up. Such children grow up to be emotionally weak and will experience emotional problems of their own as adults. They will always think the entire world revolves around them and become selfish with attitudes that always end up in conflict.

5 You argue around them constantly

You argue around them constantly

One of the biggest parenting mistakes is both parents arguing constantly in front of children. This sends a wrong message and the child thinks it is their fault and will develop a guilty complex.

If parents argue constantly, children may think that they are to blame. They don’t understand what’s going on and think they’re guilty. As future adults, they may always blame others where girls may unconsciously try to dominate men and show that they are stronger. Young men may act the same way as their father and ultimately when realization sets in, they may turn to addiction to try and resolve their problems.

6 You demand the impossible

You demand the impossible

Every child trusts parents by default and will attempt to always try and be obedient and listen to the things they are told to do. If they fail, they feel guilty and start thinking they are losers and failures and are undeserving of parents love. Such types of parents are always difficult to live with because they demand and expect too much. You also risk the child growing up to be a similar person who will never like family members to be happy.

7 They didn’t take enough photos and videos

They didn’t take enough photos and videos

Well, not taking photos won’t have consequences but it will be an emotional loss and this is one parenting mistakes that many parents regret making. As a parent you will always want to remember your child growing up and those precious moments when you both can recall in future and show to grandchildren. Photos and videos record some of the most valuable times in our lives and in spite of technology, one cannot beat the concept of the family photo album.