More often than not, we are always hearing about how the present generation of kids are stubborn, disobedient and have no respect for elders. But if you wonder of you were different at their age, ask yourself how your parents raised you and if you are doing the same thing. Here are some methods to discipline children because your kids are important and should be raised in the proper way.

1 Stay calm and don’t overreact

Stay calm and don’t overreact.

Child discipline isn’t about being harsh with them. You may lose your cool sometimes when they misbehave but don’t take out your frustration when you lose control over them. Their misbehavior could be a result of them being angry. Try counting to 10, talking to them or just leave the room instead of yelling at the kid. This will calm things down.

2 Put yourself in their shoes

Put yourself in their shoes

There is a reason for child misbehavior. Small kids may misbehave because if petty reasons like tiredness or hunger. Older children can be stressed out or from peer pressure. Try to understand the reasons for their behavior because the key to that lies in what goes in inside their minds.

3 Discuss your expectations with them

Discuss your expectations with them

Sometimes, even when your kids are displaying anger, it is important to sit down and discuss with them why they are behaving in such a manner and what exactly is wrong. Not all children are mature enough to understand the differences between right and wrong behavior which is why the methods to discipline children require diplomacy and they also need to be shown what behavior is appropriate. It is the parent’s responsibility to tell kids what they expect of them and explain why things are right or wrong.

4 Set limits and warn them about consequences

Set limits and warn them about consequences

In child discipline, very often kids don’t know their limits and disobey because they don’t know where to stop. Kids shouldn’t be pampered and spoilt because this makes them unable to distinguish what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. They should be made to know the consequences of their actions and rules should be set in place. They should also be rewarded time to time for good work.

5 Inculcate good manners

Inculcate good manners

Don’t spank your kids, it doesn’t do any good and is not a method to discipline children. When they falter point out what they have done. Teach them good manners on how to behave and what behavior is appropriate for different occasions. Teach them the value of family binding and give them little responsibilities that help them gain confidence about themselves.

6 Demand respect

Demand respect

You should always teach your children the value of respect and explain to them the importance of your role as a parent and they should remain within their limits. Be firm and polite when explaining and set rewards and suitable punishments for good and bad deeds. Follow your own rules consistently to set an example.

7 Be a role model to them

Be a role model to them

Your kids are always observing you so to put down the cellophane or tablet you should do it first. Take time out to be with them if you want them to spend less time glued to the television. Be patient and polite and your kids will do the same. You need to show them the type of behavior you expect of them and be a role model for them so that they start liking you. These are the best methods to discipline children.