The summer may be a grand time to get plenty of sunshine and fresh air along with walks in the park. The greenery and flowers are spectacular in summer but so are the mosquitoes who will want to enjoy summer in your home. So how do you get rid of them? Here are 8 natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes and keep your home smelling nice with natural fragrances.

1 Vanilla powder

remedies for mosquitoes

All you need to do is mix vanilla powder with baby lotion in 1 to 10 and use it on every part of your body. You can also mix vanilla with water and use as a spray on yourself and y9our clothes or bed linen.

2 Essential oils of anise, clove, basil, and eucalyptus

Essential oils of anise, clove, basil, and eucalyptus

All of these can be effectively used for getting rid of mosquitoes. You need to apply the diluted oil preferably with a carrier on your skin along with 5-10 drops of water. You can also spray the oil on heat sources like a aroma lamp or heated pan, or you can dip cotton in the oil and place on the window sill.

3 Elderflower twigs

Elderflower twigs

If you put elderflower twigs in your room, they scare the mosquitoes away although the fragrance is quite strong so you have to be careful how much you use. It can also interrupt sleep so always remove twigs at night.

4 Clove


To keep mosquitoes away, clove is a time tested remedy where you can just boil the cloves in water for 15 minutes and mix in 10 drops of it along with cologne and apply the mix to your body. You can stay in the open for up to 2 hours and this keeps away the gnats and mosquitoes.

5 Sage grass brew

Sage grass brew

This is a strong natural remedy for mosquitoes and no insect will bite you with this one. If you want to wash your face with sage grass brew, just brew a handful of the roots in .4 gallons of water and boil it, then allow to steep for 3 minutes. Let it cool then use it on your face.

6 Pyrethrum


Pyrethrum daisy or Dalmatian chrysanthemum is an old natural remedy to keep away mosquitoes against mosquitoes. Grind the dried flowers stems and leaves of the plant into a powder and this will start affecting the nerve cells of the insects. Just keep a few bunches of pyretheum at home.

7 Wheatgrass brew

Wheatgrass brew

In old times, people used the brew of wheatgrass roots to scare away mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects. Put a handful of the chopped roots of wheatgrass into 0.4 gallons of water and boil them 3 times so that the brew becomes a light yellow color. Wash your face and hands with this brew, and not a single mosquito will come near you.

8 Basil leaves

Basil leaves

You can chop fresh leaves and flowers of the basil plant. Then place them in a dish in your room or rub the leaves on the areas of your body. Basil leaves are a good cough remedy too.

9 Cooking oil, shampoo, and vinegar

Cooking oil, shampoo, and vinegar

Weird as it sounds, these are good remedies and make excellent ant mosquito natural repellents. To keep mosquitoes away, you need cheap cooking oil, shampoo and 9% vinegar. Mix all ingredients till it foams and then spray on your body. You can also pour into a container and leave it open, this is also an effective remedy for mosquitoes. It is also safe for children.