Mosquitoes can be dangerous especially if you’re planning a holiday. It has been proven by research that mosquitoes have the ability to remember the smell of hosts and this is the reason they prefer human blood. This article will provide you some ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes without having to use any chemical products. This article will give you 6 natural remedies which will keep mosquitoes away from you.

1. Natural plants


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Chemical repellents aren’t the only agents which can effectively repel mosquitoes. You can use herbs and various natural plants which you can find in your garden. You can protect yourself and your pets as well by using natural plants. There are various types of herbs and plants which can repel mosquitoes: basil, rosemary, catnip, horsemint, lavender, etc.

2. Lavender spray and body oil


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Among natural remedies to keep mosquitoes away, the smell of lavender is hated by mosquitoes. Body sprays can be made by using the essential body oils. This is a healthy remedy for your body and you can avoid allergies and irritation by excluding the use of chemical creams and sprays.

3. Citronella candles


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You can use citronella candles if you’re allergic or unable to keep repellant plants. Citronella is a well known insect repellent and it has been proved by research. There are no side effects, it will give a fresh smell to your house and there wouldn’t be any insects around.

4. Apple cider vinegar


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It is pretty amazing on how apple cider vinegar can keep mosquitoes away and has so many purposes and be helpful. Most people have it at home; you can use it for making your own repellent spray. For additional effects, you can use citronella oil. Spray at places where mosquitoes usually sit and observe the results.

5. Soapy water


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If a lot of your time is spent in your backyard either for reading books or family dinners, you should place a plate of soapy water close-by. After a period of time, mosquitoes will get trapped in this water as they get attracted to it.

6. Garlic


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Studies have proven that mosquitoes can be avoided by eating garlic. While this is excellent idea for those with articles, those who don’t have a habit of eating garlic can do so in small quantities. You need to boil the garlic and then spray the mixture in areas frequented by mosquitoes. This is much better than having to eat garlic.

7. Coffee grounds


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If you have leftover coffee grounds, then they would come in good use to keep mosquitoes away. First pour them in a small bowl and allow them to dry out and place them in a bowl. Now place the bowl where you get bothered by pests and light the coffee grounds to singe them. The scent of thr burning caffeine will chase them away.

8. Dryer sheets


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There is a proven science behind what people consider a myth. There are two chemicals in dryer sheets that can keep mosquitoes away as well as gnats too. Linalool is one that is poisonous for some mosquitoes and beta citronellal that is also found in citronella which is the best mosquito repellent. You can keep one in a pocket or you can also rub it on your arms or skin.

9. Smoke


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One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away is smoke, especially any smelly smoke. What you can do is to burn some incense and they will run away. Burn heavily scented incense like citronella, eucalyptus, or clove, all will work well.