Ever heard of the phrase “You are what you eat”? Well it just happens to be a well-known adage. But, what we do or eat before a meal can impact our health in many ways.So, here is a list of 9 things that we should not consume on an empty stomach:

1 Take anti-inflammatories

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You should never take medicine such as aspirin, paracetamol and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on an empty stomach. It won’t be so effective and medicines such as these can cause serious health problems like gastric bleeding.

If you have consumed such medicines on an empty stomach, then it is advisable to drink milk because it reduces the negative effects of NSAIDs. In case there is no milk, drink lots of water to wash down the drug.

2 Drink coffee

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Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause heartburn and other digestive tract issues because they stimulatethe production of acid. It may lead to serotonin deficiency if you skip breakfast after consuming coffee and also put you in a gloomy mood.

If you have a habit of drinking coffee every morning then drink it with milk or cream. Milk fat or cream can reduce the negative effects. It would even better to drink natural coffee instead of the freeze-dried powder.

3 Drink alcohol

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Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is as similar as during its intravenous injection because the absorption rate of alcohol increases by a factor of 2. Furthermore, when alcohol removal begins the breakdown of products slows down and this brings on a severe hangover. Also, consumption of alcohol can negatively affect your liver, heart and kidneys.

Sometimes there are situations in which you cannot refuse a drink in which case you should try consuming cooled noncarbonated drinks which can be absorbedeven slower than alcohol. It would be better if you eat something like a sandwich, preferably with butter.

4 Chew gum

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Overindulging in chewing gumcan lead to gastritis because the digestive acids produced while chewing gum can destroy thelining of an empty stomach. It is also a scientific fact that people who chew gum prefer junk foods over fruit and vegetables in contrast to people who don’t chew gum.

Do not chew gum for more than 10 minutes even if you are full. Also, try to choose chewing gum varieties which contain natural sweeteners such as xylitol and sorbitol than those varieties which contain sugar,aspartame, or cyclamate.

5 Go to bed

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An empty stomach can disturb our sleeping pattern because hunger and low glucose levels prevent us from falling asleep and even causes us to have a superficial sleep which leads to an early awakening. Thelack of sleep tends to increase the level of hunger hormoneswhich makes us eat more food the next day.

While it isn’t good to go to bed on empty stomach, it isn’t a good idea to overeat before going to sleep too. Consume dairy products before going to sleep because they contain calcium and magnesium which will ensure you get a good proper sleep.

6 Intense training

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A popular opinion about exercising on an empty stomach helps in burning more calories is not at all true. In fact,in no way does it influence fat loss butresults in muscle loss instead. An empty stomach will also reduce the intensity of your workout as your body lacks energy.

People who have digestive issues should have some snacks before any kind of physical training because exercise induces production of gastric juice. Instead of intense training try aerobic exercise.

7 Go shopping

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Never go for shopping when you are hungry because there is a tendency of buying more than what you need. Research suggests that the internal message of “I want food” changes to “I want” when you are famished and you will obey this internal message that the stomach sends when it is hungry.

If you do happen to go shopping on an empty stomach pay with cash instead of credit or debit card because it is a proven fact that we spend less while paying with cash. Also, make a shopping list in advance.

8 Drink citrus juice

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Citrusjuice has a high acidity content along with tough fibers which when consumed on an empty stomach can seemingly irritate your stomach. This is dangerous for people who have gastritis or are at the risk of developing it.

Diluting freshly squeezed citrus juice with water at a 1:1 ratio for those with hyperacidity and 2:1 for others.

9 Argue

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Hunger tends to make us a lot less composed and this is a proven fact because we lack the energy when our stomachs are empty to restrain ourselves.

The conversation will be calmer and good natured if you are full. In case there is no time to eat before any kind of conversation then drink something warm and also offer it to your opponent or friend. In doing, so you will at least be able to have an amicable conversation.

What you can do when you’re hungry

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It is thought that eating food is the easiest way to handle your hunger but there are other things that can be done on an empty stomach.

Solve problems

It is proven that hunger improves our ability to concentrate and our attentiveness becomes more acute. According to our ancestors, it is said that our ancestors had to hunt for food on an empty stomach. They performed various tasks, simulating the brain activity with more concentration because of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Make choices

Your choices become clearer and acute when you perform the action of taking decisions on empty stomach. Try choosing what to wear on an empty stomach; you’ll notice that you can choose without hesitation. Hunger enables people to be more successful and even make more impulsive decisions. However, don’t make the mistake of using the same method to make choices in matters of relationships, health, and finances.