“Game of thrones” is one of the most successful television series, each episode had an approximate 20 million reviews. The twisted plot is not the only reason, the main character unexpectedly dies and fantastic acting made the series successful. In every set, all the actors performed their best despite of doing unpleasant things as well. This article has tried to focus on the story from a different perspective and understand how actors struggle to film a scene marvelously.

Here are 9 unpleasant moments from GOT.

1 Kit Harington spilled the beans about Jon Snow’s fate to avoid a speeding ticket

Kit Harington spilled the beans about Jon Snow’s fate to avoid a speeding ticket

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Jon snow’s actor had told a policeman the fate of his character for avoiding a speeding ticket. The police had his car stopped and he said that either they return back to the station for booking Harington in or tell him what will happen to Jon snow in the upcoming series. The actor told the officer that his character would be alive in the next season. The policeman then replied back by saying “on your way, Lord Commander.”

2 Sophie Turner didn’t wash her hair for 2 years


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The actress playing the role of Sansa Stark for the sake of her character had sacrificed her personal hygiene. She along with many male actors had to reduce the use of shampoo significantly. This was just to play an episode where she escapes from the king’s landing and she had to look naturally scruffy.

The actress even confessed in one of her interviews that it had become disgusting towards reaching season 5 they stopped asking her to wash her hair. Now she wears a wig which is comfortable as she can wash her hair whenever she wants. She had been living with greasy hair for the past couple years.

3 Maisie Williams fell off a horse


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Among unpleasant moments from GOT, the actress playing the role of Arya stark has a very funny memory of one of her first episodes when she was horse riding. The actors were trained to ride Icelandic horses which were similar in size to ponies. This didn’t avoid actors from colliding with each other. Williams had once got off her horse with her legs getting knotted in the reins. Her leg had caught up to her ear and she sarcastically said “oh brilliant”. Her character and her actual personality share similar features.

4 Jerome Flynn almost got poisoned by diesel oil vapor


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During the battle scene with dragons, the actor playing the role of Bronn was harmed on set. The director of photography Robert McLachlan used diesel oil to create natural black smoke. Jerome Flynn had to stay at the center of the fire for a while. Other actors could wear smoke protective masks but this opportunity wasn’t available to Jerome. This may be the reason how the actor was able to convert his unpleasantness into his act, although he was being poisoned severely. The actor confessed that his postman hates him since Jerome shot Daenerys’s dragon.

5 Gwendoline Christie was filmed with a real bear


There is an episode where the Brienne of Tarth encounters a bear, but there was no computer graphics. The actress stated that the bear, Bart Junior, is a professional actor. He had performed in many other projects before the ‘Game of Thrones.’

A low electric fence was used to protect the actress from the bear. During their breaks, the actress fed the bear with cream from a long handle pan so that the bear didn’t eat the actress. When Christie recalls her experience, she states that is the reason she looks so scared.

6 Lena Headey struggled with the audience’s hatred


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Lena Headey who plays Cersei Lannister stated that the people had a lot of hatred for that character and they have started to transmit that hatred towards her. In one incident she had an experience where a nurse had once told her “shame on you” reciting the dialogues in the episode of public redundation, while she was breastfeeding her second child. But Header has started perceiving them as compliments towards her acting skills.

7 Iwan Rheon got his face punched several times


Iwan Rheon or Ramsay Snow (later Bolton) got punched in the face by Kit Harington several times. During the fight scene between bastards, Jon Snow got a bit carried away and hit his set partner’s face pretty hard. According to Harington, Rheon took it quite professionally. Anyway, it’s unlikely that he was actually happy to be on the receiving end of those punches.

Kit Harrington has punched the actor play Ramsay Snow also known as Bolton several times in the face. When both the bastards fought with each other, Jon Snow had gotten carried away and started to hit his sets partner fiercely.

8 Emilia Clarke was feeling nauseated during the heart eating scene


One of the grossest unpleasant moments of Game of Thrones was experienced by Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen had confessed that it was hard for her to play this scene. She had to eat 28 horse hearts made of marmalade during her shoot. Emilia Clarke stated that this mixture consisted of dry pasta and it had bleach like taste. There was always a basket near her if she can’t control her vomit reflex.

9 Castle Black was really disgusting


Richard Roberts, the set decorator had performed his utmost best to create Night’s watch’s residence. His idea displayed the castle as a cold grungy, dirty and disgusting castle. For creating this sort of atmosphere, they had hanged raw meat and they used real pigs for their shoots. This made the castle actually greasy rather than only looking greasy. Roberts said that they were happy although the castle smelled and looked foul.