Modern cars have many features along with a computer which runs smoothly like provide warning to drivers about potential issues, blocking problematic commands, etc. but it is certainly a good idea to avoid some things. This article will provide you a list of things which you should avoid doing with your car.

1 Don’t press "off engine" while driving

Don’t press "off engine" while driving

If you accidentally press it while driving at a high speed, nothing dangerous can happen. There are a variety of safety features available in modern cars which can prevent such situation. However, try preventing yourself from pushing the button.

2 Don’t select “reverse” while driving

Don’t select “reverse” while driving

You should even avoid selecting reverse while you’re driving. This command would however be rejected by the computer system and nothing would happen, but it’s best if you can avoid it.

3 Don’t select “park” while driving

Don’t select “park” while driving

Do not select this option, but the computer in your car would block this action as a safety measure. Your car can get damaged when you give commands which won’t be executed by the system.

4 Don’t attach too many keys to the ignition key

Don’t attach too many keys to the ignition key

Keys attached to your ignition key can be disadvantageous as the weight of the other keys can potentially damage the ignition switch over a period. Try keeping just a few key’s on your car key’s ring.

5 Change oil

Change oil

If you want to know when to change the oil, manufacturer’s specification can be really helpful. This is applicable for most modern cars. When a car leaves the factory, the manufacturers use very thin oils, and this oil must be changed after the car runs 1000km.

6 Don’t overfill the engine

Don’t overfill the engine

A dipstick is present in the engine which helps to indicate whether the tank is full or not. Fill it to the given level and avoid filling till the top of the bottle as it can cause smoke to emanate from all corners of your car and cause failures.

7 Don’t wait until the fuel tank is empty

Don’t wait until the fuel tank is empty

There are some small particles even present in the cleanest of petrol but they all sediment at the bottom of the tank. Driving “on fumes” can make the residue get sucked into the engine. You should fill up your car when it reduces to one quarter of the actual tank.

8 Don’t ignore warning signs

Don’t ignore warning signs

Every car has a different way to indicate warning signals and all are based on their color code. Green color is used to indicate that a certain function has been activated. When something needs to be checked or serviced, then it will display a yellow symbol. Red symbol would mean some kind of serious issue and you should stop driving your car because it is currently unsafe.

9 Tires — check pressure

Tires — check pressure

You should frequently check your tire pressure. If you notice that your tire is flat, this indicates that it has been flat for a while and it can be very unsafe for you to drive in flat tires. This can even spoil the quality of your tires.

10 Wheels — check balance

Wheels — check balance

If you have crashed into a curb or something, you should take your car to a mechanic ro workshop for checking the alignment and balance of your car. If the wheels are out of proportion, this means you don’t have much control over your car.