Our hands can actually reveal our personality. A criminalist can find out a lot from the shape of your finger and especially the thumb. The thumb controls your writing and is unique in the sense that it has just 2 phalanges instead of 3. While this digit distinguishes us as humans from animals, it even does help distinguish individuals from one another.

The shape of everyone’s thumb is different

thumb shapes

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The shape of everyone’s thumb is different, but there are some shapes which can potentially give you a clear understanding of your personality type. These thumb shapes have been classified and described below

An A-type looking thumb

thumb shapes

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If a person’s thumb shape has both the phalanges similar to each other, then it indicates a balanced personality. This person strives for peace and harmony, and usually has a calm demeanor. They tend to test their knowledge with life and are good at teaching and talking. Unlike others you exhibit empathy in such a way that makes relatives and friends seek for your attention and advice.

A B-type looking thumb

thumb shapes

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When the second part of your thumb is shorter in comparison to the first part, it reveals that you are the perfectionist type. You are unsatisfied with details, but remain extremely dedicated to your ideas. There is a constant desire to achieve your goals while everything that leads up to those goals must be organized and perfect. You may sometimes even obsess over an idea, and even prefer taking an action sometimes in a modest way to succeed. Honesty is part of your character and people respect that attribute of yours, since they know that they can always rely on your words.

A C-type looking thumb

thumb shapes

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Among thumb shapes, when the top of your thumb is smaller than the bottom part, it means you’re a hard worker. You might not find easy methods to succeed in life, however, you have the potential to always find the good and overcome any and every obstacle. People with this shape of thumb has a way of adding intelligence to dreams. They tend to be smart, confident, driven and not confused with what they want to do. These qualities make them people who can be relied upon and thus, they are very appreciated at work.

A flexible thumb

thumb shapes

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The best way to know whether or not you have a flexible thumb is by putting your hand in a “thumbs up” position. If you find that you do have a flexible thumb shape, then it indicates that you are far more emotional and expressive than those with straight thumbs. This thumb shape is also known by a worldwide signal and that is the “Hitchhiker’s Thumb”. It is easy for people like you to adapt to new environments and changing circumstances. Having a flexible thumb also means that you have an affinity for art and are very creative, curious and open to the world. Their ways of achieving their goals and solving problems are interesting and unique.

A Straight Thumb

thumb shapes

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Among thumb shapes, putting your hand in the “thumbs up” position will let you know if your thumb is straight or flexible. A straight thumb usually means that you are dominating and stubborn. With your poker face expression people may think that you resemble a stone, but admire you for keeping your promises and thus, know that you are reliable. While there may be people who might try to take advantage of this trait of yours, you will often escape from harm’s way by immediately analyzing everything and making a swift and correct decision.