The Chinese have some pretty amazing legends of fairies turning into golden carp and living in ponds believed to be magical and dedicated to the moon. With such myth ingrained into the psyche of the people, any wonder one villager got a shock of her life to actually spot a carp that look amazingly human complete with features resembling a human face, mouth nose and eyes. It is actually a fish with human face.

No! This isn’t another fake article this is real as real can be and the fish was found by villagers swimming around in a pond in Kunming. A tourist subsequently filmed it who shared the video on social media and it spread like wild fire.

Villagers stunned

fish with human face

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This isn’t the first time because sightings of carp with human like faces have also been reported form the UK and Taiwan. The trending footage that you can see in the video with the carp shown to have markings on its face that resembles a man’s nose, mouth and eyes on its head.

The woman who filmed the video was so stunned that she blurted out that the fish had turned into a fairy. The extraordinary carp was discovered in Miao Village in Kunming to be precise according to popular blog Feidian videos. The 15 second clip first appeared on Weibo and then went international. While some users commented that it looked so scary, one made a weird but comical comment that it was none other than Voldemort who had returned as a fish. Another one wondered “who dares eat it”?

Not the first time

fish with human face

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Biologically speaking, this fish with human face isn’t surprising. Carp have always been known to carry human like markings but to actually spot one is a rare phenomenon. In 2010, a 44 year old man from England found a carp he purchased some months ago had started to develop facial features. Said Brendan O’Sullivan form Dagenham Essex 'It was astonishing. I could easily make out from the markings two eyes, a nose and a mouth. I thought I was suffering from sunstroke,’ The fish was estimated to value 40,000 pounds.

Again in 2011, in north east Taiwan, residents of Yilan County were stunned to find a black and white carp in a government owned pond. The fish had strikingly similar human like features. Two carp living in a 64-year old South Korean man’s pond also went viral in 2009 as they too displayed distinctive human noses, eyes and lips.

Watch the video below

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Well, as for the latest human like carp, the owner of the fish remarked that over the years it had begun to look more and more humanlike. It seemed that the woman who filmed the video saw those magical features but not many shared her enthusiasm as some also found the fish to look really scary. Perhaps they aren’t fairies after all and could be demons instead, who knows. Anyways, watch the video of the fish with human face below.