If you have been eating too many junk foods like burgers fries and cakes or too much carbs like ice cream and chocolates or sweets with no exercise then you need to stop now. Weight gained around the abdomen or the viscera is tough to lose. Moreover Belly fat beyond 40 inches per waist circumference is considered as abdominal obesity. Added to this are the unhealthy effects of oil rich foods that clog your arteries with high cholesterol. The best way to detoxify you with a super rich health regime is to start a vegan diet weight loss programme now.

Benefits of a vegan diet

Vegan Diet

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A vegan diet can improve your health in a number of ways. Not only does it improve your digestion, it also provides you with a maximum amount of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants abundantly present in vegetables. Carrots and celery especially reduce cholesterol and are rich in betacarotene, cabbage is super rich in vitamin C. Lycopene a known powerful antioxidant is abundant in tomatoes and parsley.

The goodness of fiber

Vegan Diet

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All fruits cereals and veggies contain fiber. The main advantages of fiber intake are the fact that fiber is not ingested into your metabolic system. So while forming bulk in your stomach, it keeps you full. Fiber has immense beneficial properties.

  • Promotes digestion
  • Facilitates elimination of waste
  • Reduces absorption of carbs and sugar
  • Reduces chances of heart disease
  • Low cholesterol. Keeps bad cholesterol in check
  • Prevents fungus and yeast from triggering skin allergy
  • Prevents inflammation of intestine
  • Reduces risk of gallstones
  • No irritable bowel syndrome

Breakfast combinations

Vegan Diet

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Among a vegan diet, breakfast combinations can consist of muesli having a mixture of fruit nuts and cereals along with skimmed milk. Muesli is well known as a fast breakfast supplement especially when you have no time for breakfast. Along with the muesli, a banana with a slice of wheat toast will also help keep you feeling full till your next meal. Although not considered a vegetable, If you are fond of eggs, 1 poached egg, 2 slices of multigrain toast and a grilled tomato makes a healthy breakfast.

No Snacking Between Meals: OR Chew On a Carrot or Celery

Vegan Diet

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In a vegan diet weight loss programme, It would be best not to eat anything between meals but if you do feel hungry in between, nuts are a good choice. A simple salad or munch on a carrot or stalk of celery instead. Instead. This is great for keeping your cholesterol in check.

Smoothies keep you full during the day

Vegan Diet

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A delicious protein or a veg and fruit based smoothie is the best thing to keep you full in a vegan diet and prevent you from snacking during the day. If at all you need to eat at lunch or if you’re hungry, carry muesli with you and munch in that. Alternatively you could buy some fruit or pack in a sandwich of multigrain bread and lean chicken with cucumber and tomato. That should keep you going through the day.

  1. Papaya Banana Apple Few drops vanilla essence yoghurt
  2. Mango, Celery, Apple Cucumber 1tsp coconut oil, grapefruit

Food combos for a good weight loss vegan diet

Vegan Diet

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A small portion of brown rice, yoghurt, mixed vegetable curry and a bowl of mixed fruit is ideal for those wanting a full meal. Vegetarian Weight loss combos should include high protein and veggies so a combo of brown rice, with a bowl of grilled or tossed veggies in garlic could hit the spot. Roasted lentils and gramflour are excellent sources of protein.

Add a bit of carbs to your diet for energy

Vegan Diet

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Adding a bit of carbs to your diet won’t do much harm in a vegan diet weight loss programmme; you will need a certain amount of carbs for energy when you exercise. When eating dinner you should always remember that the time of the meal is important as well. Ensure you have your meal well within 2 hours before you sleep. This is good for your digestion.

Vegan dinner

Vegan Diet

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Dinner should consist of multigrain bread, rye, vegetable combinations either baked or stewed. Salad, cottage cheese and soybean chunks all make great choices for incorporating in a veggie diet. Remember; Pack your diet with greens veggies, fruits and cereals. Your vegan diet weight loss programme is bound to succeed by following these suggestions.