If you get a bad taste in your mouth, it can be a serious or harmless symptom. There could be numerous reasons for it to taste sour, bitter, sweet, metallic, etc. It would be a good idea to recall what you have been eating in the past few days and how your body is feeling. This can even give you information about your family’s medical history. This article will let you know what is causing this bad taste in your mouth.

1 You could have a yeast infection

You could have a yeast infection

This condition is known as oral thrush, it affects your mouth by creating whitespots in your throat and on your tongue. Candida albicans are the bacteria that cause this infection; they are your natural inhabitants of your mouth that is under the control of your immune system. If your immune system gets weak, you can have infections because these bacteria will reproduce significantly.

2 You could be pregnant

You could be pregnant

Pregnant women usually feel fatigued and nausea but along with it they frequently complain about the mouth experiencing a metallic taste or bad taste in mouth. The reason is because while producing a new life, the female body experiences hormonal changes which cause this symptom. Your sense of taste and smell can be affected by hormonal change, it can even make you crave for brussel sprouts or hate your own perfume. In the third trimester, however these symptoms do not appear.

3 You could need more zinc

You could need more zinc

If you diet is zinc deficit, a sufficient amount of zinc is not being absorbed by your body or you may have zinc deficiency. Your mouth may experience this odd taste, but scientists are still trying to understand why this happens. After a study, they concluded that the level of gustin, a taste bud controlling protein is elevated by the zinc’s level in the body.

4 It could be because of the flu or a regular cold

It could be because of the flu or a regular cold

You should not be worried at all if you sense a bitter taste in your tongue associated with some cold or flu. Scientists have stated both of them as common infections, which create a sense of alertness in your immune system and undergoes protein production for fighting them off. While this process is happening, you will experience bittersweet taste in your mouth. If you have a nose or throat infection which makes you sense odd tastes, such bacteria usually causes flu.

5 It could be diabetes

It could be diabetes

If you experience a strange sweet taste in your mouth, your body is trying to indicate that there is difficulty in regulating the sugar level in your body. It has been proven by research that people suffering from diabetes usually experience this symptom. Another reason can be that amount of zinc absorbed by your body can be lowered by diabetes and it makes your mouth feel like it tasted a bittersweet thing.

6 It could be the pine nuts you ate a few days ago

It could be the pine nuts you ate a few days ago

The cause of pine nut syndrome has not yet been discovered by scientists, the symptoms are experiencing a bad taste after eating pine nuts. This syndrome can last up to a couple of weeks and with every drink or meal you ingest, it gets stronger. Just because you don’t get a bitter taste while eating pine nuts, doesn’t mean you are not bound to get the syndrome. There are no other side effects, so it is not so dangerous.

7 Your stress levels could be too high

Your stress levels could be too high

Dry mouth or Xerostomia is a condition caused by anxiety in which your mouth contains a low amount of saliva due to the dryness. An important role is played by saliva from the beginning of digestion and fighting bad bacteria present in the mouth. You can experience weird tastes if your body is unable to produce the sufficient amount. If you’re worried, anxious or nervous, your body reduces the production of saliva, this explains the reason for having odd tastes.

8 It could be the medication you’re taking

It could be the medication you’re taking

If you’re undergoing special medication it is normal to sense a bittersweet, metallic, salty taste in your mouth. Many medicines like prescribed or over the counter anti inflammatories, antibiotics, and other for treating allergies and hypertension. This effect can also be caused by taking multi vitamins. This process lasts until the medicine gets completely processed.

9 Your oral hygiene may need to be improved

Your oral hygiene may need to be improved

Your mouth consists of various types of good and bad bacteria. If your oral hygiene flossing and brushing teeth aren’t performed properly, harmful bacteria can proliferate on your teeth which can make you hav a bad taste. In worse cases, you could experience issues with your gums and teeth along with this taste problem.