Most psychology tests even if they are made out as fun questionnaires have serious results and analysis behind them. This is one such test that has been used to test intellect. Shane Frederick a psychologist had created a short intellect checking test in 2005. It only comprises of 3 questions, which you have to answer as fast as possible. You can sit at home and check these answers by yourself. This article will provide you the questions and then compare your results to find out about your own cognitive abilities.

1 Question


A tennis racket and a ball cost 1 dollar and 10 cents together. The tennis racket is 1 dollar more expensive than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

2 Question


5 machines produce 5 details within 5 minutes. How many minutes will it take for 100 machines to produce 100 details?

3 Question


There are water lilies growing in a pond. They grow quite fast doubling the distribution area each day. It will take them 48 days to cover the pond fully. How many days do water lilies need to cover half of the pond?

Who is Professor Shane Fredrick

Who is Professor Shane Fredrick

Professor Shane Frederick, Yale School of management, specializes in the research about the decisions and choices made by people. He has even worked with Daniel Kahneman, a noble prize winner.

Frederick along with his team had surveyed 1000 people which included students from various large universities.

Other than testing their cognitive abilities, the scientists also questioned them about one other thing. The people who were interviewed were given $3400 – 3800 per month. Those who got low scores readily accepted a lower pay. People with good scores showed tendencies of having strong willpower which added an extra point to their salary.

The reason for the test

The reason for the test

The reason for this test is because the first thing which comes to your mind is wrong answers: 1.100 cents, 2. 100 minutes, 3. 24 days. People with an intuitive mindset mostly gave the wrong answers, while the more rational type of people gave good answers in comparison to the average. Now what exactly was that about to prove?

1 Answer

Answer 1

5 cents is the answer. The racket would cost 1 dollar if the ball had cost 10 cents, but that’s the overall price taken together.

2 Answer


5 minutes is the answer. The amount of time required to produce a detail isn’t influenced by the number of machines.

3 Answer


47 is the answer, not 24. If every day the amount of water Lillies is doubling, and if the water lillies cover the full pond in 48 days, logic demands that it covers half the pond in 47 days as it will double and cover the second half in 48 days.