There are still many facts which have not yet been proven by many scientists like why is majority of Earth covered with water and why does moon orbit around Earth. When we ask the questions of unsolved mysteries of the planet, what answer will we really get? Here are 10 unsolved mysteries about earth and we may never know.

1 Where did all the water come from?

Where did all the water come from?

70 % of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and that’s the reason its also known as “The blue planet”. There is one question in most people’s minds, where did all this water come from? Another question is why water is only found on our planet and nowhere else in the entire solar system. Many scientists believe that 4 and a half billion years ago, the Earth was a dry, rocky and gaseous planet. The most famous scientific theory had stated that H20 had come on Earth in asteroids made of ice. Another theory stated that water had been present on Earth when it was formed by a cloud of gas and dust in the universe.

2 What about all the oxygen?

What about all the oxygen?

Among unsolved mysteries, one more element which favors the existence of all living creatures is oxygen which is also present on Earth. It has been know oxygen had originated 2.4 billion years as a waste product released by cyanobacteria and this filled the oxygen with it. Ever since then, the level of oxygen in the atmosphere has been fluctuation instantaneously until it finally got stabilized 540 million years ago. It has been remaining at this breathable level until now. One big mystery is how did this stabilization occur?

3 What caused the Cambrian Explosion?

What caused the Cambrian Explosion?

The Cambrian explosion shouldn’t be confused with the big bang, it actually refers to the complex life living on Earth 540 million years ago and the explosions that caused them to become extinct. Most of Earth’s history of living creatures, ultra simple plants, bacteria and eukaryotes were the only living creatures. The Cambrian period started with the rapid evolution of complex creatures at an insignificant rate. Now life forms have eyes, skeletons and brains. The lineage of most life forms today can be traced back to the Cambrian period. Scientists have concluded that this explosion was caused by the high levels of explosion and then it became stable after a period of time.

4 Will we ever be able to predict earthquakes?

Will we ever be able to predict earthquakes?

No scientist has yet been able to predict earthquakes accurately, although people study about the Earth and how it works. Many people still try but the accuracy of our current technology is similar to the weather forecast. Earthquakes are said to form when the rock underground begin to crack, and emit seismic waves towards the surface of the Earth but this condition hasn’t yet been figured out.

5 When did plates tectonics begin?

When did plates tectonics begin?

One other reason that we aren’t able to predict earthquakes is because the process that causes them still hasn’t been discovered like the tectonic plates. The Crust of the Earth consists of several levels of shifting tectonic plates. Speculation can only be done by scientists, when and how the process began is still a mystery. The reason the beginning of this process hasn’t been discovered because no geological evidence is virtually available of billions of years ago. Scientists have approximated that billions of years ago, tectonic activity had just started, but how it began cannot be proven by anyone’s guess.

6 What’s inside Earth’s core?

What’s inside Earth’s core?

We may think that Humans have completely explored every corners of the Earth, but only the surface has been just been discovered. The surface is not the only part of the Earth whereas most of the spherical planets have yet not been discovered. The reason is because the unexplored regions of the Earth are inhospitable to us. We only have discovered that the Earth’s mantle mostly consists of solid silicate rocks. But the core of the Earth is still a mystery. Scientists have been believing that the inner most layers of the Earth consists of Iron and nickel.

7 What really happened to the dinosaurs?

What really happened to the dinosaurs?

The Dinosaurs have been the undisputed rulers of the prehistoric world for many of years. Today, they are considered as fascination in museums. What was their reason for their extinction millions of years ago? One theory stated that a giant asteroid had landed on the surface of the Earth. Some have stated that a catalyst chain reaction of volcanic reactions.

8 How did the moon form?

How did the moon form?

It still hasn’t yet been discovered by Scientists that how Earth developed the moon to rotate around it’s orbit. Many people believe that Earth had collided with another planet which led to the formation of a small protoplanet known as Moon. Many Apollo missions have proven that the chemical composition of the moon is very identical to the composition of the earth. This can link to the theory that moon is created from a part of earth’s chunk. One excellent explanation would be the Earth’s orbit had pulled the moon, a separate body which even proves why moon is fixed on one side in the orbit.

9 How did Earth get its name?

How did Earth get its name?

Of Earth’s unsolved mysteries there is one funny fact: The only planet in our solar system which isn’t named after a Greek God is Earth. The name Earth means Ground in old English and German language, but no one really knows who had given this name. Ancient people didn’t know that Earth is a planet like other planets; this even proves why no ancient mythology had coined this name.

10 How did the Siberian craters form?

How did the Siberian craters form?

One of the most recent geological and bizarre mysteries are these Earth craters forming on the surface of Earth. These mysterious holes were found in Russia’s Yamal and Gydan peninsulas. There has no suitable theory to prove why have they been formed, but they are get bigger and more are appearing.