Every zodiac sign has their own individual ways of venting out their anger and frustrations when they are angry. Some scream and shout while some just clamp up. Their behaviour is highly regulated by their star signs and most of them do react according to their engrained nature instilled in them since birth. Some have high patience but keep simmering inside waiting for a major show down later while some just blast off immediately and calm down almost instantly. Here’s how every zodiac sign in a bad mood

1 Aries

Zodiac sign

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Now, when they are in a foul mood, they become extremely self-centred and, attention seeking, not to say overtly demanding. They need all the mollycoddling of the world and especially from their loved ones who would make a big fuss about their issues of the day. They derive comfort out of it. So, make them their favourite pie or a brownie play their favourite music or TV show when they are back home with a pouty face.

2 Taurus


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Among zodiac signs in bad mood, Taurus do not have any drastic mood changes but hyper dominating personality which intensifies in their black mood. They get lazy, stubborn and indulgent just like a petulant child. They should be let alone so that they can cool off the steam and return to their normal self by themselves as there is nothing else you can do to help an angry Taurus as they do not seek any help or advice from anyone.

3 Gemini


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When a Gemini person is in a pissed off mood stay clear as they become cantankerous and over critical about everything and everyone around them. Decide to help or advise them only if you have nerves of steel otherwise do not bother. They would calm down by themselves and come to you when you can cheer them up talking about inane stuff or jokes which would divert them from the bad day and thoughts.

4 Cancer


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When a cancerian has a bad day they just clamp themselves up. In normal days cancerians are supposed to be sensitive guys so you can well imagine how hypersensitive they must be on a horrid day. Just be careful about what you say around them and always sound positive and cheerful as anything which triggers their thoughts back to the bad experience, they might have a meltdown.

5 Leo


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Probably the biggest drama queen among zodiac sign in bad mood, and of all the zodiacs and also a bit of an exaggerator. It’s all about getting attention and sympathy from friends and family about their seemingly horrifying day. They also give confusing signals of wanting you to leave them alone or go away from the room but basically it is their way of saying do not leave me and be my audience as I tell and retell my wows. Whatever they say just take it with a pinch of salt.

6 Virgo


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Well, if you are somehow responsible for the bad mood of your Virgo partner or friend than you are going to be walking on egg shells buddy for a long time or at least till they cool off. They will lash out at you for anything and everything under the sun and resort to their only weapon “blame the whole universe” for their misfortune as they possible cannot be wrong at all. They have a lot of victim tendencies and have bucket load of pity for themselves. So, nothing much to do here as well.

7 Libra


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Be warned, when libra is in a bad mood hide or run as far as you can as they will turn their wrath at you and blame you for everything even if it’s not your fault and will not listen to any reason at all. Whatever you say will be twisted against you. This gives them some sick sense of satisfaction of having control over others. The best way is to listen to their tirade without taking anything personally and give them the taste of their own medicine (albeit calmly) when they are normal and submissive mode because trust us, they would be very soon.

8 Scorpios


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Pretty similar too Taurus, Scorpios too sort of clam up when they are in foul mood and do not like to interact with people much. Among zodiac signs in bad mood, they have a very dominating and possessive streak at the best of times and when they are angry, they become obsessive, jealous, secretive and downright frightening. Just steer clear from them for a while. We must not fool around or try to make them cheerful as they might just rip our guts apart. So, the best policy is to let them calm themselves, see reason and come out of their black zone in their own time.

9 Sagittarius


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Among zodiac signs, Sagittarius are very friendly and jovial natured people so even if they are angry or unhappy about something, they will never be mean or vicious like some other zodiac signs. Even at their worst moments they are accessible to their friends and their advice and solace. They might get bit argumentative to prove their correct (even if they are not) and act reckless but they are never harmful of frightening.

10 Capricorn


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Now these people know how to hone their emotion in really serious situations. They might be loud and flaky on a daily basis and an ear sore to be honest but it is when they stop talking and are really quiet and brooding it’s about time other must start worrying. They get super cold and aloof and stop any kind of interaction with people or specifically their nemesis and are closed to all sorts of help. This leads to self-destructive and extremely negative actions which must be stopped by their closest trusted friends only as a Capricorn will not allow anyone else to come near them.

11 Aquarius


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Zodiac sign, Aquarius love attention and friends and very social. But when they are angry, they become distant and like Capricorns sometimes self-destructive. They believe in self help and go to insane levels to “fix” themselves which most of the time back fires. You need to understand this nature and break through their shell and help pull them out even if they scream and shout that they can manage on their own.

12 Pisces


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Among zodiac signs in bad mood, Pisceans in a bad mood are the worst nightmares for their friends and family as they are the whiners and most clingy and the sobbing sort. To add cherry to the cake they are self-destructive and full of the “victim” mentality. Their creativity is now channelled to show the world how sad and devastated they are and did we mention they whine a lot?